In PYP Part 3 – The New Whip!

Posted: 08/16/2013 in Hunting

I’m thinking about selling my CPXL and picking up an Experience – the problem is, I’m a 32″ draw – I can get away with 31.5″, but I’m not sure I can get away with 31″ for 3D season.

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Ben Brettingen

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Now for the fun part of the summer so far, the new digs!

Experience (1 of 1)

Now to say I was going into this bow market under informed wouldn’t be so true. I had been shopping around quite a bit prior to winning a new rig. I had been a Mathews guy but there wouldn’t be any hard feelings if we parted ways. I owned a Bowtech Admiral about 5 years ago, but the draw cycle was terrible. It was back to the old reliable Mathews Q2.

I was pretty set on the the new Mathews Z7, the Chill or Creed. The Z7’s price caught my eye but I ended up falling in love with the creed after letting a few arrows fly. That was all until I put my hands on Bowtech’s Experience. An experience it was. The groups weren’t quite as tight, but it was almost negligible. The feel…

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