Basic Meat Grinding, Part 1: Why You Should Grind Your Own Meat

Posted: 08/05/2013 in Hunting

The wife and I saw a segment of “Good Eats!” with Alton Brown a few years ago about making the perfect burger. The next day, we bought some manager’s special pork chops and beef at Krogers, then went home, trimmed the meat, added our own seasoning blend to the cubed mix, and put it through my Kitchen Aid’s grinder attachment. Those were the best burgers we had ever eaten. If you’re like me, you HATE hitting gristle and ‘mystery bits’ in ground beef, by trimming and taking care of the grinding yourself, you can eliminate it altogether.

Griffin' s Grub

     I’ve never been asked to do a write-up on a certain topic before, but this week a reader and a fellow member on the Big Green Egg Forum, who goes by the name Hibby, asked me if I would consider doing one on grinding meat. I thought about it for probably half a millisecond and decided I would. After all, I’m just here to help out where I can. If anybody else has any questions or suggestions, throw ’em at me.

     So, you’ve decided to grind your own meat? Maybe it’s because you are concerned about safety, maybe you are concerned about taste or maybe you want to make sausage. Don’t know if you should grind your own meat? Here are some reasons:

Safer – You can’t control the cleanliness of the factory or butcher shop your meat was ground in. Maybe its clean, maybe it’s not, but meat is more…

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