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From Western Illinois Trophy Outfitter’s FaceBook page:

We just had a small group of guys cancel on a hunt due to some money issues. We now are running a special for their spots. Deposits have already been paid. You will just have to pay the remaining balance. Dates are Oct. 21-25. We have 4 spots for this price. They have paid $800 per person for deposits. Remaining balance is $1500 per person. Lodging is included. First come basis. Message for more info. Thanks


Click to go to the FaceBook page

Click to go to the FaceBook page


Western Illinois Trophy Outfitters
PO Box 116
Lima, IL 62348

PHONE: 217-440-6609


My friend over at March’s Outdoor Adventures is running a fundraiser to sponsor youth activities in the outdoors:  Visit his “Help Youth Get To The Outdoors” fundraiser at GoFundMe and donate a dollar or more if you can afford it!

Here is the FaceBook page for March’s Outdoor Adventures, just click the image below.



The September issue of Elite Predator TV Magazine is now online, click any of the images below to go to the magazine at Elite Predator TV’s website,   or click HERE to go to the FaceBook gallery.


Scroll to the bottom of the site and click the magazine to read it.


My ‘Brining’ article on the right hand side.

This will be my FINAL ‘Shoots this Weekend’ post this year – I’m not certain if I’ll continue to post these next year or not, we’ll see.


Rock Branch Archery: Elberton, GA – Saturday Aug. 31st

“Rock branch archery wants to say thank you all for such a good year. We would like to invite everyone to come out on our last shoot of the year with a bow hunter warm up. 25 targets in hunting setup. Sign in from 8 to 3. Anyone that shoots will get a ticket for a chance to win a 2013 pse drive setup with arrows. Over $700 value. Heres the classes and rules
1)no broadheads!!!
2)no does (antlered deer only)!!
3)no talking out about yardage!
4) we will be shooting center 12’s
5)no magnification
6) screw in points or nibbs. I don’t care!!!
7) hunter setup please !!!!

** 50 % payback on money classes**

45 yd max…….money hunter…$25 unknown yds
known hunter…..$15

40 yd max…….hunter $15 unknown yds
women’s money hunter $25 unknown yds
senior $15 unknown

30 yd………..all $15 and known yds
novice, women’s hunter, young
adult 15-17, youth 12-15

25 yds……… Traditional $15 unknown

15 yds………cubs 11&under $7

this is intended to be a fun shoot and hope everyone will come out and join us. We will draw for the bow around 3:30. Food and drinks available thank you all!!!!”

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Gainesville Archery – Gainesville GA – Sunday Sept. 1st 2013

Sunday, September 1st 2013

Location: Gainesville Archery Club

2125 Calvary Church Rd. Gainesville, GA
“David Massey is currently battling stage four kidney cancer. With help and donations from Alexander’s
Store, The Foxhole, and The Outdoor Depot; Gainesville Archery Club will be hosting a charity shoot.
All donations will go to Mr. David Massey and his family during this trying time.
Alexander’s has donated a Hoyt Hunting Bow that will be raffled off at the end of the day.
Bring the Whole Family to Support this Wonderful Family!”

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Benton 3D Archery – [No Location Listed] Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 31st & Sept. 1st

“By popular demand we r having another 3D shoot aug 31 and sept 1. For the hunters that want more practice before opening day for more info….706-455-5392 hope to see y’all”

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Jim’s Bow & Gun – Dudley GA – Saturday, Aug. 31st

“Jim’s bow and gun in Dudley has a new indoor pop up and moving target 3-D range. A tournament will be held on Aug 31 where you will shoot a series of pop up and moving targets from a podium for a score. There will be several different classes for shooters to compete in. It will be a bunch of fun and a good warm up for hunting season. For more info call Jim”

Jims pop upNote “…40% payback in STORE CREDIT…” – Niko

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Archery Learning Center  Loganville GA, Saturday, Aug. 31st

Many of us have already started looking at fat indoor arrows and started working on fat arrow setups, but that ain’t stopping us from throwing down on some 900 again!

The last SUMMER 900 was a great success and we had a BLAST!! so much fun… we are doing it again!!!

We have the field booked and are already making plans

AUGUST 31 practice opens at 5:00 Scoring Starts at 7:00PM

It’s the day after my Birthday so we’re going to party like it’s 1999!! (i was 28 haha) uh… sorry kids, it’s an old Prince Song… you haven’t heard it  – But it’s good. Look it up!

There’s no equipment rules and no dress code – strictly shoot what you bring.

The classes are by age and compound/recurve

Find out more at

Earlier this week I was invited to a long range shooting session about an hour from my home.   This wasn’t at a fancy range, or some hoidy toidy club, this was at a friends hunting lease.  I wasn’t quite sure what they meant by ‘long range,’ to me, 200-250 yards is long range, and I rarely get a chance to shoot 150 yards, let alone longer ranges.  The hunting camp I visit in middle Georgia only has a 70 yard long range set up, with a bench that could be described as ‘for little people. Not for Niko.’

This was different.  T brought a Birchwood Casey shooting bench (which seems to be discontinued, I can’t find a listing for it), while Clay brought a metal target and some long range targets.  I brought some target cardboard, and we all brought long rifles, of course.

I’ll probably mess some of these up, but there was a .300 Winchester Magnum, a .300 Remington Ultra Mag, a 7mm Remington Magnum, a .270, a 30-07, a .308 Winchester, and a 7mm Short Mag.   Apparently, we like magnum rifles.

The three of us spent about an hour zeroing the rifles at 100 yards, then moved up one hill.  Clay ran out on his ATV and set up a 300 yard target and a 500 yard target.   Clay and T both pegged the 500 yard target, and we all hit the 300 yard target, though to be fully honest, I hit the 300 yard target with T’s 7mm Short Mag, he hit it with everything he used, including my .300 Ultra mag.  I didn’t shoot at the 500 yard target. Even with the SPOTTING SCOPE, it was tiny, and if I couldn’t consistently hit the 300 yard, 8″ target, there wouldn’t be much point in shooting at the 500, between the bifocals and the astigmatism, even with optics the world is a fuzzy place to me.  I was happy with the 100 yard and 300 yard practice, and practically speechless at the ease with which Clay and T hit the 500 yard target.  At that distance, even with a VERY nice Nikon spotting scope, it was nearly impossible to see where the misses were impacting to direct the fire on target.

Here are the photos I snapped – some are from my phone, some from my Samsung:

One of the staples of shooting 3D archery in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York in the 1990’s was the tree stand shot.  Just about every club had at least one, if not more, permanent platforms built to use as an elevated shot position, usually these were built along the lines of a wooden deck, railing, stairs and all, somewhere on their range, but the principal of shooting at a sharp downward angle is one of the keys to being ready to shoot from a treestand in the fall.

This week, Clay invited some archers and their families to his place for some vittles (smoked wild boar) and practice.  I didn’t even think to bring the camera, after all, it’s somebody else’s house, but I did have my cell phone, so when Bradley climbed up, I snapped a few photos just to share here.

With archery season just over three weeks away at this point, it’s time to get your cover and attractant scents while you can. Big Deer Hunter’s  product is on the shelves at Gable Sporting Goods now.  I plan on stocking up while I still can, particularly the stick scents (both types), acorn soap and cover scent.

Click to go to Big Deer Hunter's website.

Click to go to Big Deer Hunter’s website.

One of the problems I’ve seen at the camp I frequent is that we’re entirely dependent on rainfall for our food plots.  Most years, this means we end up growing sand, and as Sam Kinison liked to say “Nothing GROWS in SAND!”

The late Sam Kinison

The late Sam Kinison

Then I spotted a post on Twitter from Advanced Power – now, at this point, I can’t AFFORD one of these systems, but for larger operations, or for leases that have a large number of members, this could very well be an excellent option for providing water to food plots and/or watering locations for wildlife.

Here’s part of their page:

For 25 years people around the globe have depended on our solar powered water pumping systems to pump water for livestock, wildlife, homes and cabins,  and small irrigation.
The newest line of business is our Prepper kits for those concerned about things turning bad in our Country.
Try our state of the art Aluminum housing, Brushless motor solar pumps with even greater pump life than before!  We stand behind our products with the highest level of customer service.  We take care of you!
We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers we are serving today.   Let us know what a solar water pumping system from Advanced Power Inc. can do for you. We think you will love our easy to use systems!

So, if you’ve got livestock that need reliable water, remote food plots, or a disaster prepping need for off-the-grid water from a well, head over to Advanced Power and take a look.  One of the projects that the company is working on is VERY interesting to me as well:

We will soon be offering kits to attach to your deer feeders with solar powered/battery green led lights to light up the area under your feeder so you can shoot hogs during the night when they like to feed.


No, I don’t get royalties, I just liked the guy on Twitter and the idea is solid, so I thought I’d do a quick write up. It’s my blog, I can do what I want. 😉 – Niko

Another thing to seriously consider is the company reputation – does the company have good customer service? Are their bows reliable? Ask the service tech at the shop which bows he sees returned for repair or exchange the most, and if that’s a problem with the bow, or a problem with the users. Check some of the online forums and blogs, but be wary of SINGLE opinions, because that’s what those are, opinions, not professional reviews.

Provide All Hunting products Through Online.

There are several things to consider while buying a crossbow. Never do a mistake of choosing a bow without considering arrow velocity. While purchasing you should think of how easily you can cock the bow. Choosing a bow that has more draw weight can seriously hurt your back and shoulders.


Price is the next considerate factor when buying a bow. Many people want to save money on their first crossbow package that result with a product that you are not satisfied with. The cheap products are made with poor quality materials. They may not be good as a quality product.


The other things to consider while purchasing a bow are draw weight, draw length, speed, noise level and brace height. Make sure, you choose PSE Crossbows that have been made by a highly reputable company. Find a company that supplies quality products at affordable prices. You can expect a high…

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