2013 Trail Camera Review

Posted: 07/01/2013 in Hunting

I still don’t own a trail cam. If I had property I could hunt and trust that the camera would still be there when I get back, I would use one, but other than the mid-Georgia property, a 4.5 hour round trip, I DON’T have anyplace to put one where I could reasonably expect it to STILL BE THERE when I get back. Yes, I know there are security boxes, but in Georgia, every hunter I know owns a chainsaw….

John Stallone Days in The Wild

Ok folks its finally here the contestants are in the testing parameters are set. We will be testing the following cameras for the next few months and will be posting results and pics along the way and will nominate winner before Christmas so stay tuned in to get all the info.

The contestants

Sleath Cam:
Unit X
Skout 7

DLC Covert:
Extreme Black 60

MP 6

Wild View:


Bushnell: our 2011 winner
Trophy Cam HD
Trophy Cam HD Max

The Test:

Test parameters:
Ease of use: Is the interface user friendly is it easy to read and is it functional
Security: Can the camera be secured so that it wont be stolen on public land. Does it need a separate security box.
Ease of installation: How easy is it to hang
Picture Quality: How clear are the subjects, does it work in all lighting…

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