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…I only saw two shoots this weekend – one in Social Circle, one in Hiawassee Georgia.


Ace Hardware / Buckeye Plantation – Social Circle, GA.

“You have to go by the ACE store in Social Circle to sign up. The shoot is a few miles from the store but very easy to find.

Buckeye Plantation
1250 Jersey-Social Circle Rd.”

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Mountain Grace – Hiawassee Georgia




Howdy: I just got a message from Joe at ATC 3D Archery in Cumming, GA – they are cancelling their August 3rd shoot – just too much work to do that weekend on other projects.   Their next shoot will be a charity shoot on December.


Here’s their website: ATC 3D Archery

Gable Sporting Goods now has the new Bowtech Carbon Knight in stock for $799.99 – call (770) 942-5397 

Click to go to Gable's FaceBook page

Click to go to Gable’s FaceBook page


by C. J. Winand • June 6, 2013

From - click to visit original post

From – click to visit original post

Are predators such as coyotes negatively affecting our deer herds? In an article in the February 1999 issue of a well-known hunting magazine, a wildlife biologist wrote, “The answer is generally no, but it all depends. The positive and negative impacts of coyotes on our deer herds in the East are poorly understood. More research is needed. The origin of the coyote’s establishment in the East is still a matter of speculation.”

Does this quote tell us anything? I don’t think so. This guy should have been a politician. Why would I say that about someone? Because that quote was from me!

Deer in the West learned to live with coyotes for eons. Granted, there are always peaks and valleys in predator-prey relationships, but deer that possessed the instincts to avoid predators passed their survival traits onto their young. This is important because it increased fawn survival when populations were at a low point. In other words, the does that are better “hiders” of their fawns are the key to re-establishing a population.

But, what happens to the deer in the East that have never lived with coyotes? Dr. Michael Chamberlain, a wildlife professor at the University of Georgia, says, “It’s important to understand that deer in most areas east of the Mississippi River have had to deal with coyotes only recently. Their expansion has been extremely rapid relative to range expansion in other mammals, particularly larger mammals.

As gray and red wolves disappeared from the Northeast and Southeast, coyotes began their eastward expansion, which drastically accelerated during the 1970s and 1980s. By the 1990s, coyotes had reached the East Coast and now are ubiquitous throughout the Eastern U.S.”

Theories suggest that the present-day Eastern coyote is most likely a cross with gray wolves that dispersed across Canada into the Eastern U.S. and/or the red wolf that was found in the Southeast.

Hybridization between coyotes and wolves may also explain why coyotes are in every state east of the Mississippi River. This makes sense when you consider the extensive predator removal that occurred during the previous two centuries. With declining predator populations, breeding with each other may have been the only option. Nowadays, many of these hybrids have backcrossed with coyotes.

Recent genetic studies lean toward crossbreeding with wolves as the most likely reason coyotes are larger in the East than in the West. We also know coyotes in the East are completely different than their Western cousins. We also know coyotes will breed with dogs. Interestingly, research has proven that crosses between coyotes and dogs, or “coydogs,” only survive a generation or two. Whatever the current day makeup of coyotes in the East, one thing is certain: Almost nothing we thought we knew about coyotes in the West pertains to those in the East.


I have a good opinion of Moultrie in general – when setting up my blog, I contacted probably fifty manufacturers regarding using their logo’s on the blog, linked to their home page. It was a courtesy for me to do this, since I really can’t think of a good reason for a simple archery blog and shoot page to NOT get permission, and out of all of the manufacturers, Gold Tip and Moutrie responded in UNDER AN HOUR. (Including, from Gold Tip, access to more media resources that they use internally.)

“I’m working this weekend, 12 hour midnights Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yay, feel the excitement), however I should be transitioning to a regular weekday, daytime schedule in the next month or so.   Hope everybody has a safe, fun weekend!

Riverbottom Outdoors – Sunday July 28th – Franklin, GA

Hope everyone will come on out and enjoy good friends and good times. Get that last bit of practice in before the Classic. This should be a really great coarse. See everyone Sunday !!!

15475 Ga. Hwy 34
Franklin, Ga. 30217

2013 Dates: Jan. 27, Mar. 3, Mar. 24, Apr. 20 & 21 Big 40, May 19, Jun. 23, July 28, Aug. 18 Hunting Shoot
Shooting Times: 9am to 2pm…Daylight Saving Time 8am to 3pm

Open Money – $20 50% Payback – Max. 50yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Seniors Money – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max.
Known 45 – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max
Open Trophy – $15 Trophy – Max. 45yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, Magnification allowed, 12” Stabilizer, Any Release – Max. 40yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Women’s Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 260FPS Max.
Bow Novice – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, 12” Stabilizer
Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Youth – $15 Trophy – Ages 13 to 14 – Max. 30yrds. – 240 FPS Max.
Sr. Eagle – $10 Trophy – Ages 11 to 12 – Parental Supervision – Max. 25yrds. – 230 FPS Max.
Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 9 to 10 – Parental Supervision – Max. 20yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
Jr. Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 0 to 8 – Parental Supervision – Max. 15yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
1-5 Shooters 1st Place, 6-10 Shooters 1st and 2nd Place, 11-500 Shooters 1st,2nd, and 3rd Places….Scoring is 5,8,10,12

Directions: Go 3 miles out of Franklin on Hwy 34 East, Driveway across from Heard County Elem. School. More Info Call: 678-378-0816

Concession Stand with, Coffee, Drinks, Hotdogs, Candy, etc.

Come meet new friends and have a great time shooting and enjoying the great outdoors.”

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Soulhunters – Tocco, GA – July 27th

“Soulhunters is proud to be partnering with Family Connection and Communities in schools of Stephens County to bring you a 3D shoot. It will be held at Christ Fellowship Church (3273 Highway 17 Toccoa, Ga 30577…..across from Stephens County High School) with registration beginning at 8 am with shotgun start at 9:30. Pastor Scott Collett will be speaking before the shoot. Free shoot but donations will be greatly appreciated! Lunch will be available after the shoot for 4.00 for Hamburger, chips, and drink. Door prizes will be given away after lunch! Classes will be Known, Open, Women’s Known Distance, Senior, Hunter, Young Adult, Youth, True Novice, Traditional, and our Little Cubs!!! Please try to come out and support this cause for our children and families in need. “Assuredly , I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” Matthew 25:40 Be Blessed!”

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The Alabama State ASA Championship – Hanceville, AL (I assume both Sat & Sun – Niko)

“I finally got us an address for the Alabama state shoot which will be July 27/28! Cullman community archery park 2321 county rd. Hanceville, Al. 35077

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Davey Mountain – July 27th and 28th

“The charity shoot has been canceled,so me and brian will be having one of our regular shoots, with all normal classes”

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Spread Crusher’s – NWTF – Griffin GA – July 27th and 28th

“Want to shoot a REAL HUNTER’S 3D archery tournament? Come join Spread Crushers and NWTF for our first annual tournament on July 27th & 28th in Griffin, Ga. We will have food, prizes, give aways, and silent auctions going for all who attend. We will have competition classes for all age levels so everyone is welcome to compete! Call/text/email us for for details or with questions! Come get ready for a great hunting season and test your skill against other archers.

– 9AM-3PM – July 27th & 28th
– Classes for all levels of archers
– Registration – $35 for Adults & $20 for Youth
– 20 station walk through 3D tournament
– Contact info:
Rhett Strickland – Spread Crushers, LLC
Call/text – (770) 468-6500
Email –

If you’re using navigation, the address is 2876 Patton RD Griffin Ga 30224. Follow the Spread Crushers signs to parking. See you there.‪#‎DominateTheGame‬ ‪#‎NWTF‬ ‪#‎SpreadCrushers‬ — with Rhett Strickland”


That looks REALLY cool…

Season is winding down – I had to remind myself that just because the state shoot is over doesn’t mean we don’t have clubs shooting through the end of August.

High Lonesome Archery – Gibson, GA

“Come shoot a twenty target course and novelty shoots. Casual start from 09:00am to 02:00pm. Located at 5425 Hobbs Road Gibson, GA. Hope to see you there. Registration is $15.00 for 18+, $10.00 for 12-17 and $5.00 for 11 and under. Classes will be open, hunter, traditional, senior and known 45 for men. Open and hunter for women. Youth shoot what you bring and Cub. Plaques awarded for top three and 50% payback on known. New layout. Smoker shoot added for five unknown targets, $5.00 entry winner takes all.”

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Ogeechee Bowmen – (near Savannah if memory serves..)

“The Ogeechee Bowmen will be holding it’s annual Ogeechee Open this Sunday July 21st. This is 2 shoots in 1 Day, starting at 9:00 am will be the International Round, and after that the 3-D round starts around 1:00 pm. Both start times are shotgun starts. You can shoot either one you would like, or you can shoot both. There are awards for both shoots, and for those that shoot both, there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for the High Over All shooters.
The International Round will be $10.00, and the 3-D is $15.00 trophy classes and $20.00 money classes. If you shoot both shoots there is a $5.00 discount.
Hope to see you there…”

“The Range is located in Scott Stell Park off Bush Rd. about 4 miles from Exit 94 off of I-95 and Hwy 204.
There is a map on our web site under the contact us tab at hope this helps…”

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Christian Bowhunters of Georgia – Covington, GA

“Where did the year go?????
Only 2 shoots left so come on out and rack up those SOY points if your in the running. If not in the running………… come on out anyway and take home some hardware or cash$$$.
Looking forward to another one, see ya’ll Saturday for directions or info”

Love the quote and mountaintop photograph…


 Image4-2 copy

                                           “It is here, that we seek and still find our meat from God.”

                                                                                                                                    Aldo Leopold

“I’m getting close,” I thought. The buck had led me up and over a ridge, through a swamp and a lot of difficult terrain in between. But without that the hunt would have seemed stale and flat. You see,

most deer hunters spend their entire lives without knowing it is not deer they are after. Yes, you read that opening line correctly, essentially it is not whitetails we are after, even though we are hunting them. It is the adventure of the chase during each hunt that keeps us coming back, year after year.

After all, can you think of another experience that has the ability to test your resolve in every way imaginable? Deer hunting does this because it places a hunter in circumstances that he would not otherwise be…

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Ok, except for one four hour span off of the pier at Gulf Shores, AL, two years ago, I haven’t fished in… lets just say ‘longer than a decade,’ shall we?   But I’ve got the bug again, and Georgia is supposed to be GREAT for fishing! (Just imagine Tony the Tiger saying that… GrrrrrrrrrEAT!)   I didn’t shoot the State Championships this year (I qualified twice, but I’m working on a few things non-archery related, and just didn’t feel competitive enough this year) so a-fishing I went.

All I caught today was a sunburn.  That’s OK, though, I fished enough in the first thirty years of my life (which I have to admit, were already some time ago) to know that sometimes, the fish aren’t biting.  Today was that day for me.  Luckily, the UV rays were out in force, and cloud cover or not, I now look like an extra from the OLD Star Trek TV show, bright, bright red.

I’m trying to save space for hunting season on this so-far-free WordPress account, so I’m going to post one photo and link that to the FaceBook account for 323 Archery, just click the photo to go to the album and view the rest if you want.

Yeah, I wore the coat for the Team Gable, and Real Avid logos. It spent the rest of the day in the locker, as my very-red arms and legs prove.

Yeah, I wore the coat for the Team Gable, and Real Avid logos. It spent the rest of the day in the locker, as my very-red arms and legs prove.