Scouting in a drought

Posted: 06/22/2013 in Hunting

We have drought issues at our middle Georgia camp, early season favorite hangouts for deer dry up by early summer, and by fall, ‘where is the water this year’ is the key to finding travel routes.

Calls of the Wild

Perhaps it’s not the best unit for elk, but it’s a unit.  Not many elk, and not much water, but there are elk. After a few piddly hours of carefully tooling down wind-swept, sand dune roads, I can say this scout was brought to you by the letter D: dry, drought, desert.

Saturday I checked out some lonely pinon and juniper BLM land…Georgia O’Keefe country. There were a few bedding areas with various vintages of elk sign, nothing terribly fresh, but they’ve been using those areas over and over again.

Sunday morning I crossed the highway to check out National Forest land. Still pinon and juniper, but the trees were larger and more dense.

In between I camped at Ojo Caliente hot springs. Beautiful with wonderful people, but mosquitoes as big as shetland ponies. Still, I’ll come back…and maybe even drag my family along to try the hot springs next…

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