From Brush To Lush – Plotting Against Whitetails

Posted: 06/11/2013 in Hunting

I wish I had a couple of hundred acres of habitat to plant food plots on 🙂

Great Plains Kubota

From Great Plains Living Fall 2012

By Reed BoettcherImage

     The practice of planting food plots has become an increasingly popular method to attract Whitetail deer for hunting purposes.  With television shows and even equipment dedicated to the food-plot market, one would think that the only way to harvest a deer would be to plant food plots.
    The topic of planting food plots has been covered by most major hunting magazines all of which seem to have the same important message.  Planning and using food plots should only be done as a supplemental food source.  This article will discuss three major topics to consider from an equipment stand point.  Clearing a site, preparing the soil, and planting the seed are all done with the added elements of some sort of equipment.  Everyone has their preferences as to how they execute these tasks.  What needs to be taken…

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