FUN Score
Mark Griffin ns
David Griffin ns
James Grizzard ns
Jimmy Sturwold ns
George Plemmins ns
Shane Arnold ns
Kelly Arnold ns
Jay Arnold ns
Anthony Ridings ns
Daniel Newell ns
Nesha Ridings ns
Ronald Gulledge ns
John Keane ns
Known 45 Score
Clay Ledbetter 220-11
James Taylor 201-6
David Carney Jr. 192-3
Charles Hunt 189-2
John Nickell 183-3
Lee Hulsey 170-4
David Carney Sr. 156-2
Ezra ns
RC Shoemake ns
Novice Score
Dalton Rutledge 200-3
Kyle Cooper 200-1
Cory Aldredge 199-7
Cody Bailey 188-2
Matt Chastain 175-0
Kaz Maeger 149-2
Daniel 108-1
Open Money Score
Mark Keese 190-2
Tim Howren 172-1
Senior Eagle Score
Chris Jones 184-1
Hunter Score
Ricky Letner 189-3
Van Arnold 180-4
Senior Score
Randy Cosby ns

Couple of quick things: The Senior Eagle shooter – Clay has the card, I thought I entered your name in the spreadsheet, obviously I didn’t.  Randy Cosby, Clay was certain you handed your score card to your shooting buddies to turn in, but we did not have a card at the end, regardless of those two errors, both shooters were the only people in their class, ergo, they won their class.

Oh. And Brody thanks all of you for the attention and occasional hot dog.

"Gimme yer hot dawg, I had me some surgery Thursday..."

“Gimme yer hot dawg, I had me some surgery Thursday…”

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