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‘And now for something completely different!’  Monty Python’s Flying Circus

With most serious competitors in Illinois this weekend, very few archery shoots, and none in the area I would consider ‘near’ where I live, I took the weekend off, for a given definition of ‘off.’  I made some nice pepperoni and mozzarella and basil stuffed chicken breasts yesterday, mowed the lawn, weeded the flower beds, played a few hours of Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (trust me, it’s fun) and then the wife and I headed to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a Twilight Lake Paddle tour.

Twilight Lake Paddle

Get Outdoors Georgia
Friday, Jul 5, 2013 7:30 PM to 9 PM 

Join us for a peaceful, ranger-led outing as we watch for wading birds and enjoy the setting sun. This program is open to adults and children 6 years or older who are accompanied by an adult. You may choose a canoe or kayak for this trip. Reservations required. $15 includes gear. $5 parking. 770-732-5871.

Sweetwater Creek State Park
1750 Mt. Vernon Road
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Now, I spent most of the 1980’s, and part of the 1990’s, in a canoe, rowboat, motorboat, or white water raft.  In the Scouts, I had badges and awards for one and five mile swims, so needless to say, I am perfectly at home on the water.  My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t swim.  (Yet she makes fun of our German Shepherd, who would probably tip-toe across MOLTEN LAVA rather than get her paws wet outside.)  But my wife DOES like to take photographs of the outdoors, and when I suggested this quick trip, she was enthusiastic about it.   We only live ten minutes from the park, so it was an easy drive over to the bait shop, and away we went.


We had a lot of fun, making the $15 per adult price tag more than worth it, got some exercise, and got soaking wet, of course.  Sweetwater Creek State Park has a lot of paddling events lined up, take a few hours and head over when you get a chance.

Sorry I’m a day late on this, I forgot. 

I only see three shoots this weekend: 

Christian Bowhunters of Georgia

“Everybody come on out Saturday!
Remember, there will be a K45 class for those wanting to shoot known yardage along with the BIG MONEY OPEN & OPEN Trophy classes. for directions and info

See ya’ll then!”


Davey Mountain

“We will hosting our next tournament this Sunday, June 30th. We hope to see everyone there. See our website for directions and details “


Summit Baptist Church (Loganville)

“If you love to shoot 3D and being around people who appreciate the outdoors as much as you do…then come join us at The Summit Baptist Church (Loganville) for a “Free” 3D tournament sponsored by “Crossheirs Outdoor Ministries” on June 29th.

20 target “challenging” range…plus a long shot!
We will provide a free lunch and prizes!
Registration begins at 7:00am…shoot begins at 9:00am
All welcome!!”


From Food for Hunters:

From "Food for Hunters." Click the image to go to the post.

From “Food for Hunters.” Click the image to go to the post.

Whoo! It’s been so hot around here. Summer’s not over yet, so let the grilling continue! While hopping from country to country, this weekend took us to the tropical island of Jamaica, famous for their “jerk” spices.  These mouth-watering, meaty globs of venison will fill your backyard with aromatic, island smells of allspice, cinnamon, grilled red onions and sweet plantains. “Jerk” tastes different from anything we’ve ever done before, and we found that it pairs beautifully with venison. So stand back, and listen to the soothing, sizzling marriage of fresh meat over hot coals.

Servings: 6
Cooking time: About 40 minutes
– 1/2 cup chopped green onions
– 1 tbs. ground allspice
– 2 tbs. red wine vinegar
– 1 tsp. salt
– 1 tsp. chopped fresh thyme (or 1/4 tsp. dried)
– 2 tsp. soy sauce
– 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
– 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg
– 2 Serrano peppers, seeded and roughly chopped (or habanero, if you dare)
– 1-1/2 lbs. venison (thick enough for kebabs), cut into 30 cubes
– 1 red bell pepper, cut into 18 pieces
– 2 black-ripe plantains, peeled, and each cut into 9 pieces
– 1 red onion, cut into equal sized pieces as red bell peppers
– olive oil, for brushing
– diagonally cut green onions (optional)
– lime wedges (optional)
Visit Food for Hunters website for the rest of the recipe!

Scouting in a drought

Posted: 06/22/2013 in Hunting

We have drought issues at our middle Georgia camp, early season favorite hangouts for deer dry up by early summer, and by fall, ‘where is the water this year’ is the key to finding travel routes.

Calls of the Wild

Perhaps it’s not the best unit for elk, but it’s a unit.  Not many elk, and not much water, but there are elk. After a few piddly hours of carefully tooling down wind-swept, sand dune roads, I can say this scout was brought to you by the letter D: dry, drought, desert.

Saturday I checked out some lonely pinon and juniper BLM land…Georgia O’Keefe country. There were a few bedding areas with various vintages of elk sign, nothing terribly fresh, but they’ve been using those areas over and over again.

Sunday morning I crossed the highway to check out National Forest land. Still pinon and juniper, but the trees were larger and more dense.

In between I camped at Ojo Caliente hot springs. Beautiful with wonderful people, but mosquitoes as big as shetland ponies. Still, I’ll come back…and maybe even drag my family along to try the hot springs next…

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Saturday, June 22nd

Sweetwater Archery

“When: Saturday 06,22,2013
Time: Sign up anytime between 8am-3pm

(As long as you have payed and going to the first target by 3:00 you can shoot.)

Where: Sweetwater Archery Club
7201 Cedar Mountain Road
Douglasville, Ga. 30135
(Across from the Douglasville Animal Shelter and the Douglasville Landfill)

If you plan on shooting the State you may want to try to make it out, You just mite see this range again.
Just saying”


Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah , BOTH DAYS

“The Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah will be hosting the 2013 GBAA State Field, Who’s in? At the same time we will be hosting the 2013 NFAA Southeastern Field. Here are the registration forms. More info. on our club web site


Davey Mountain

We are having our money shoot this weekend, guaranteed $200 1st, $100 2nd, $50 3rd, plus 50% of the entry fees. We will be having our regular classes as well, hope to see yall there.””

 Rock Branch Archery, BOTH DAYS



 Amicalola Bowhunter’s 31st Rendezvous

“We’ll be shooting Saturday 22 from 8:00- 3:00
Come on out For some fun and good fellowship



Black Mountain Coon Shoot Saturday, Regular Shoot Sunday

“We are having a Coon Shoot (night shoot) on Saturday June 22. Sign-ups begin 1 hour before dark and there will be a shotgun start a dark.

10 Targets will be lit up with LED lights and there is nothing between you and the targets but, total darkness.

1) Don’t shine the targets
2) Shoot from Red stake (around 20-25 yds)
3) Have Fun!

There will be three classes for the Coon Shoot :
Women Compound
Men Compound

On Sunday June 23 we will be having a regular 3-D shoot
Sign-ups 9am-3pm”


Southern Bowhunter’s Association 

“Yep you heard right! The Southern Bowhunters Association will be hosting an ASA State qualifier June 22 & 23. Now everybody in the South GA and surrounding areas will be able to come and qualify for the state shoot. Make plans to come out and have some fun with us. Give us some feedback and let us know if you plan to attend.

It’s going to be a 20 target range. Participants will be able to shoot Saturday or Sunday.

directions: The range is Located off of hwy 319 between Tifton and Ocilla on Jacob Hall rd…. at the water tower you will turn right or left depending on which way you’re coming from. Traveling North from Tifton you will turn right or traveling south from Ocilla you will turn left at the water tower. Then you will go to the 2nd stop sign and turn right and it’s about 200 yards on the right, you will be able to see us from the road. The physical address is 1123 Jacob Hall rd. Tifton Ga 31794. We will also have signs out. Hope to see you there.”



Sunday, June 23rd

 Bad to the Bone

Everyone pray for good shooting weather this weekend. Come out and get ready for Illinois. Don’t forget that the last shoot was a washout and if you registered you can shoot for FREE at this shoot.””


Riverbottom Outdoors

“Hope everyone can come out on June 23 for another Great time at River Bottom Outdoors. We’ll have some good food and some foam to kill. Come get some last minute practice in before ASA Ill. Hope to see everyone then 

15475 Ga. Hwy 34
Franklin, Ga. 30217

2013 Dates: Jan. 27, Mar. 3, Mar. 24, Apr. 20 & 21 Big 40, May 19, Jun. 23, July 28, Aug. 18 Hunting Shoot
Shooting Times: 9am to 2pm…Daylight Saving Time 8am to 3pm

Open Money – $20 50% Payback – Max. 50yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Seniors Money – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max.
Known 45 – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max
Open Trophy – $15 Trophy – Max. 45yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, Magnification allowed, 12” Stabilizer, Any Release – Max. 40yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Women’s Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 260FPS Max.
Bow Novice – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, 12” Stabilizer
Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Youth – $15 Trophy – Ages 13 to 14 – Max. 30yrds. – 240 FPS Max.
Sr. Eagle – $10 Trophy – Ages 11 to 12 – Parental Supervision – Max. 25yrds. – 230 FPS Max.
Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 9 to 10 – Parental Supervision – Max. 20yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
Jr. Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 0 to 8 – Parental Supervision – Max. 15yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
1-5 Shooters 1st Place, 6-10 Shooters 1st and 2nd Place, 11-500 Shooters 1st,2nd, and 3rd Places….Scoring is 5,8,10,12

Directions: Go 3 miles out of Franklin on Hwy 34 East, Driveway across from Heard County Elem. School. More Info Call: 678-378-0816

Concession Stand with, Coffee, Drinks, Hotdogs, Candy, etc.

Come meet new friends and have a great time shooting and enjoying the great outdoors.”

Saturday June 15th

ATC Archery

Saturday, June 15th.  Click HERE for the map to ATC.


Aiken Archery – June 15th & 16th

“Come either day, casual reg. 30 target course, Known, mens open, womens open, hunter, traditional and youth classes. Try to have last groups finished by 3pm Sunday. Shaded course Darrin 803-334-9677”


Ace / Buckeyes

“ace is having thier regular scheduled shoot next saturday june 15th. come on out and check out the new range. it is a great place to shoot. remember our papa joe memerial shoot this saturday june 8th. registration is at ace hardware located at 181 south cherokee rd. social circle ga. 30025”


Bay Gall Sporting Clays

Bay Gall Sporting Clays
6808 Rocky Ford Rd.
Garfield, GA 30425


Destiny Farm

“We will have a shoot this Saturday at Destiny Farm for everyone that wants to come out and have some fun. Cost will be $10.00.  No trophies will be awarded. Food and drinks will be available. Hope to see you Saturday!”


Full Draw Archery – June 15th & 16th

“Al. , Ga. , and Tn. State qualifier is going to be at Full Draw Archery this coming weekend if anybody needs that last chance to get it now is the time! And the best part is it’s only going to cost $20 for all 3 states how awesome of a deal is that! For more info and directions call David Hasty at 706-463-2950! Hope to see you next weekend!”


Sunday June 16th

Gainesville Archery Club

“GAC this Sunday June 16. Sign in 8-3. Trophy classes $15 Money classes $20. Hope to see everyone Sunday”

I wish I had a couple of hundred acres of habitat to plant food plots on 🙂

Great Plains Kubota

From Great Plains Living Fall 2012

By Reed BoettcherImage

     The practice of planting food plots has become an increasingly popular method to attract Whitetail deer for hunting purposes.  With television shows and even equipment dedicated to the food-plot market, one would think that the only way to harvest a deer would be to plant food plots.
    The topic of planting food plots has been covered by most major hunting magazines all of which seem to have the same important message.  Planning and using food plots should only be done as a supplemental food source.  This article will discuss three major topics to consider from an equipment stand point.  Clearing a site, preparing the soil, and planting the seed are all done with the added elements of some sort of equipment.  Everyone has their preferences as to how they execute these tasks.  What needs to be taken…

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I built our schedule late this year, and had set up the week before the ASA States at Sweetwater – since that shoot moved up a week, I talked to Clay and it looks like we’re going to simply cancel our July shoot.  I’ll let folks know if anything changes.

FUN Score
Mark Griffin ns
David Griffin ns
James Grizzard ns
Jimmy Sturwold ns
George Plemmins ns
Shane Arnold ns
Kelly Arnold ns
Jay Arnold ns
Anthony Ridings ns
Daniel Newell ns
Nesha Ridings ns
Ronald Gulledge ns
John Keane ns
Known 45 Score
Clay Ledbetter 220-11
James Taylor 201-6
David Carney Jr. 192-3
Charles Hunt 189-2
John Nickell 183-3
Lee Hulsey 170-4
David Carney Sr. 156-2
Ezra ns
RC Shoemake ns
Novice Score
Dalton Rutledge 200-3
Kyle Cooper 200-1
Cory Aldredge 199-7
Cody Bailey 188-2
Matt Chastain 175-0
Kaz Maeger 149-2
Daniel 108-1
Open Money Score
Mark Keese 190-2
Tim Howren 172-1
Senior Eagle Score
Chris Jones 184-1
Hunter Score
Ricky Letner 189-3
Van Arnold 180-4
Senior Score
Randy Cosby ns

Couple of quick things: The Senior Eagle shooter – Clay has the card, I thought I entered your name in the spreadsheet, obviously I didn’t.  Randy Cosby, Clay was certain you handed your score card to your shooting buddies to turn in, but we did not have a card at the end, regardless of those two errors, both shooters were the only people in their class, ergo, they won their class.

Oh. And Brody thanks all of you for the attention and occasional hot dog.

"Gimme yer hot dawg, I had me some surgery Thursday..."

“Gimme yer hot dawg, I had me some surgery Thursday…”