Park Ranger Guilty of Poaching Keeps Job…

Posted: 05/23/2013 in Archery, Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting, Legal, Mule Deer, News
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From Petersen’s Hunting

Park Ranger Guilty of Poaching Keeps Job; Wins “You’re Fired!” Award

Mule-deerLast week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife demoted one of its employees from the field as a law enforcement officer to another park, where he now serves as a technician. The real question is why he has a job at all.

That’s because Travis McKay, a park ranger at Trinidad Lake State Park, was ticketed for poaching a trophy mule deer after hunting hours using artificial light, according to The Denver Post. According to Rick Cables, director of CPW, plenty of people within the organization were upset McKay wasn’t fired. No kidding.

According to The Denver Post, the officer who stopped McKay after his kill noticed it wasn’t tagged properly. McKay then lied to the officer about when the deer was shot, but text messages from McKay’s phone indicated it was well after dark. Eventually McKay admitted to using artificial light, was fined $11,000 and demoted to maintenance worker at another park.


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