Kaibab Mule Deer 5-8-13

Posted: 05/09/2013 in Hunting

That’s an awesome buck! (And an awesome theme! lol)

Team Arizona Strip Guides


Good morning everybody, we hope that each and every one of you trophy mule deer hunters out there are having a great week so far. Have you guys checked out our trophy mule deer video that we posted yesterday? Look right below this post to see yesterdays post and the youtube video link. Is the above buck a great looking Kaibab mule deer buck or what? This buck isn’t very wide but he definitely makes up for it with great mass and some fantastic tine length. It isn’t very often that you see mule deer bucks like this one that only have an 18 inch inside spread yet almost make the magical 200″ inch mark. This buck was taken on the early season Kaibab rifle mule deer hunt and was also this lucky hunters first mule deer buck ever. Wouldn’t it be nice to start out with a big mule deer buck like this? We know that most of us would…

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