Wild Turkey Cutlets

Posted: 04/27/2013 in Hunting

Hopefully, in the next week I’ll be able to bag my first wild turkey (long story there, if I could hunt them during deer season I could fill a Kroger’s with turkey – during TURKEY season, I could fill a Kroger’s with DEER…) and I’ve been speculating on how I’ll handle the meat – this gives me that answer – part them out into the major pieces, clean, wrap, bag and ice until home.

Chef in the Wild

The total mass of a turkey is always surprising to me. I shoot other big birds like geese and sage hen often but a turkey is just a totally different ball game, and as such needs to be treated that way.

Turkeys consist of 5 cuts of meat in total; the breast, the tenderloin, the wings, the thighs and the drumsticks. Each of these bird parts beg for a separate cooking method. It is not wise to just roast a wild turkey like a butterball. The breast will probably be dry, the drumsticks will be good for dog chew toys and the

thigh meat will require a steak knife.

This month I will concentrate on the breast meat of a turkey, by far the biggest bang for the buck.

Turkey breast meat is not as soft and juicy as store bought, but it has a ton more flavor. Think elkā€¦

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