Hunting the Easy Turkey

Posted: 04/27/2013 in Hunting

I’m in the sad position of either re-rigging my 3D setup for one week of turkey hunting, or simply using my shotgun. The property I hunt has some blinds set up, but the blinds are all the small, dome-shaped ones that I’d have to almost sit on the ground just to hold my bow up. I checked last year, I’m lacking 3″ just to have the bow up, drawn, and the arrow pointing out of the window.

Hunt Forever

Seconds after my box call cut through the Montana wind, I heard the faint yet distinct answer of a Merriam’s tom across the valley. As I closed the distance, I wondered if the setup would mature. He was a long way out and, to top it off, I felt certain he was in the company of hens.

Thirty minutes after I set up, he strolled onto the valley floor. At that point I knew he’d seen the decoys and was committed. As if on cue, the big tom strutted into the decoy set and presented me with a perfect 17-yard shot.

Some avid hunters have labeled the Merriam’s turkey as the easy bird to hunt.  Having spent years chasing Eastern turkeys from my boyhood home in Virginia, I’d have to disagree. The same elements that produce tried and true success on other turkey subspecies have to be applied to the…

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