Big Buck Alert: Wyoming Typical is Official State Archery Record

Posted: 04/18/2013 in Archery, Gable Sporting Goods, Hunting, News, Trophy, Whitetail Deer
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From Field & Stream

Article by Steven Hill. Uploaded on April 17, 2013


Like lots of early season hunters, Shane Sanderson has often patterned trophy whitetails in the last weeks of summer, only to have them disappear come opening day. But he executed his opening gambit perfectly on the archery opener (Sept. 1), shooting a 170-inch typical, which earlier this month was unveiled as Wyoming’s state-record bowkill buck.

Sanderson, of Kinnear, Wyoming, had been watching a pair of shooters on the family ranch when an even bigger buck showed up Aug. 1.

“He just dwarfed the largest of the deer I’d been watching, which was in the high 150s,” Sanderson says. “I knew right away this was the buck I was going after.”

After tracking the deer through his spotting scope three or four nights a week, Sanderson decided to erect a ground blind near a field corner that bucks consistently used to enter a grass field. Because deer were using the field as a staging area before entering some adjacent alfalfa fields to feed, Sanderson was betting he could get a shot at the buck well before sunset.

He arrived at the blind around 5:30 p.m., spooking several deer that were already in the field. An hour later he spotted the original pair of shooters he’d been scouting all summer. Ten minutes later the big boy himself showed.



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