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Know a kid who wants to go turkey hunting this year? The thought of mixing an impatient youngster and a sharp-eyed tom turkey make you a little apprehensive? Don’t worry. Not only is it doable, but it might just turn into the best hunt you have ever had.

Michaela Pendley with her first turkey. (Pendley photo)

Michaela Pendley with her first turkey. (Pendley photo)

*Don’t Overgun. Turkeys aren’t made of steel. A 20-gauge load of number 6 or 7 Hevi-Shot [where legal] will kill a turkey out to 40 yards and not beat a youngster up with recoil. Use a youth-stocked gun that fits a small-framed shooter. Don’t overchoke. A softball-sized pattern may look good on a paper target but it can make for a near miss from an excited young hunter.

*Practice, Practice, Practice. Use the lightest trap loads you can find. Make the shooting fun with paper turkey targets, small balloons or plastic bottles filled with water. Good hearing protection is a must. Do the turkey load patterning on your own.

*Use a Blind. Kids move around a lot. Blinds help hide things you would never get away with sitting next to a tree, plus they offer protection from inclement weather. Folding chairs make a long sit a lot more comfortable. Pack some quiet snacks and drinks, maybe even a book or a game to pass the time between birds. Kids aren’t known for their patience. The longer you can keep them happily afield, the better their chance at a gobbler.

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