Posted: 03/31/2013 in Hunting

This season I should have known better – but so far it’s been a repeat of last year, a lot of talk before the season, then cancellation after cancellation DURING the season. Next year, I WILL scout the WMA’s for places to hunt turkey BEFORE the season starts rather than relying on other folks. Live and learn.

Bounty Hunter Game Calls

The Bounty Hunter posse struck today! Matt and his son Dalton hunted near Daytona Beach, Florida today with Bounty Hunter posse member, Kerry Elliott.

Dalton was behind the gun for this afternoon’s hunt. Birds were in the field when the posse arrived at the field around 6 or a little after. The best approach was determined and was set into action.

Matt used an old tailfan to raise and act like a strutting turkey….angling and shaking that tailfan. Kerry got the gobbler’s attention by making a few calls. That made the gobbler look up and see the tailfan. He saw the tailfan and thought there was another turkey invading in on his territory.

That turkey started easing toward the posse…..then the last 100 yards was at a dead run…stopping 3 yards from Matt….9 yards from Dalton.

Dalton let him have it and made that ol gobbler listen for trains!! He…

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