As I said a few days ago, I ordered new Hips Archery Targets after being selected to be on their pro-staff this year.  They arrived this afternoon, and I have to say they are fantastic!  The targets are MUCH lighter that I expected them to be, there won’t be any problems putting these where I want, when I want, other than my backyard range isn’t level, so my arrows tend to knock the targets left or right a bit, making it look like I’m shooting from three different angles.  I’ll probably put together a few sandbags to make a mini ‘bunker’ to hold them in place and all will be well.  (My back yard slopes off sharply at the woodline, giving me 30 yards from my back door, exactly.)

Hips_arrivedHips_Big_Game_shotSadly, after five arrows (four into the Hips target above, one into my River Bottom Buck) I had an equipment malfunction that actually requires some work at the shop before I can shoot that setup again, hopefully tomorrow. The arrows you see there were shot from 20 yards, one after the other, and though I’m not displeased with my accuracy, since it was my arrow rest that failed, I have to wonder if I might not have done a little better if it wasn’t falling apart to begin with.  The arrows pulled out easily, much easier than any 3D target I’ve shot, and easier than most bag targets.

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