I found an eight pound Boston Butt at Kroger the other day and couldn’t resist, I had to make a pot full o’ pulled pork.  After reading half a dozen recipes, I just figured I’d wing it, as usual, and it really came out great.


One of the deciding factors in making this dish is the roaster – we found a Sunbeam 16 quart roaster on clearance at Super Target last week for $25.  I like these much better than the average slow cooker because of the specific temperature settings rather than ‘low, medium, high.’  Some slow cookers have temperature settings, true, but the one we have with that feature isn’t large enough to make a dish this size.

The recipe itself couldn’t be easier, rinse the roast off and pat dry with paper towels, drizzle the apple cider vinegar over the roast first, then a bit of the Liquid Smoke, then add garlic powder, salt and black pepper to taste.  I put approximately one cup of water in the bottom of the roasting pan.  The last step is to add the desired amount of Stubb’s Pork Marinade over the top of the roast, in my case I used a quarter of a bottle, because that’s all I had left.

This roast took up a good half of the pan, however I did decide to use foil to reduce the open space in the pan, forcing the humidity a bit higher and blocking the two vents in the lid.

I set the heat to 275′ and left for a few appointments, when I returned four hours later, a few quick pokes with a pair of forks turned the pork roast into the pulled pork pictured below.  The bone literally fell out as soon as I touched it.  Add some Bush’s Country Baked Beans on the side, and my wife dug right in!


One of the errands I ran this morning was picking up the wife’s birthday presents, a set of pearl earrings from Helzberg Diamonds along with a new ring in her birthstone, Aquamarine. I’d say the wife had a good day 😉

bday_pearls bday_ring


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