The last few months have been busy, between work, working out, trying to squeeze some practice time in with the bow, writing, a funeral, etc. etc. but I do have a few things to share at this point.

After speaking to the company president for a bit, my application to be pro-staff for Hips Archery Targets has been accepted, I’m now eagerly waiting for the first two targets to arrive so I can start shooting at them.  I ordered the X2-Big Game and the X2-Muley targets (below) and I look forward to writing reviews as well as dragging both targets to our archery shoots to get other people’s opinions of the targets’ performance.

hips_muley_jumbo hips_big_game_jumbo

Badlands Superday pack

Badlands Superday pack

I have been in contact with Badlands Packs regarding their pro-staff program as well, however their program is much different than a traditional application-and-acceptance program.   I will be ordering several items from their catalog and writing about performance in the field very soon.

I have VERY high hopes for the Badlands product line: my last pack was… not so durable, since it lasted half of the 2011 season, half of the 2012 season, and now it has two zippers broken and looks as though I invented a time machine to go back and survive World War II and Vietnam with the pack. (I may write a review of it later, it depends on how the company I purchased it from responds to my THIRD EMAIL complaining about the shoddy product. So far, emails #1 and 2 have had ZERO RESPONSE, which leads me to believe that the company subscribes to the Comcast Cable school of customer service.)

The Badlands Packs I saw at the ATA Show were VERY impressive – I’ve also heard from several people who own the packs and are very satisfied.  Finding gear that is worth the price, durable, usable, and clearly built by folks who have an idea of what the gear will have to endure has been difficult.

bexperience500I am still considering a new Bowtech Experience – I want one (no surprise there, name a bow on the market today, and my eyes light up, I want one of EVERYTHING, and would happily write review after review of the various bows and/or equipment, even if I have to send it back when I’m done.  Which leads to images of my wife trying to pry some piece of equipment out of my hands as I lay on the floor screaming “NOOO! MINE!”  I may be in my 40’s, that doesn’t mean I’ve grown up.  And you can’t make me, either…) but I’m fairly certain my budget won’t allow for a new bow this year.  It isn’t just the bow, as anyone who shoots archery can tell you, it’s the bow, a new sight, a new rest, etc. etc. etc…  I really like the Experience, particularly after our 2012 Cohutta bowhunting trip, where Danny and I carried our bows all day Saturday just scouting.  By the time noon rolled around, we were seriously considering longbows, since ‘stick and string’ bows are MUCH lighter than machined aluminum…

So, to summarize this winding post, I’m now officially a member of Hips Archery Target’s pro-staff, I’ll be writing reviews of Hips targets, Badlands packs, and anything else I can get my mitts on, and I want companies to send me everything they make so I can review it, and possibly send it back, if my wife can pry the gear out of my hands…. 🙂


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