Posted: 03/18/2013 in Hunting

Someday I’ll be able to afford a hunt like this – hopefully I’ll still have my health. 🙂


My brother (Neil) organised a family bowhunt that he, my dad (Roger), my sister’s boyfriend (Jonathan) and I would attend. This would be Jonathan’s first bowhunting trip. Jonathan came out to South Africa at the end of 2010 and followed Andy and I as we bowhunted, which got him hooked. After that trip he was dead set on getting himself into bowhunting. That same trip he picked up a rifle for the first time and shot his first animal. Since then, he’s been practicing and preparing for what would hopefully be a great bowhunting trip for him.

We went out to Hungary with Wonderhart Hunting, which is owned by Tamas Takacs. We would be hunting for 6 days.

Zoltan Szoke (who became known as “Zoltan the first” as we would go on to meet 3 Zoltans this trip) was our “host” and translator. Zoltan the first would be organising…

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