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I came to the same conclusions about cardio several months ago, thus all the treadmill work etc. that I’ve been blogging about.

The Coaching Files

Today on Fit Friday (once again… not posted on a Friday ) we are going to talk about optimizing your training time in order to increase your cardiovascular capacity in less hours.

Why Cardio Fitness Is Important in Archery
It seems a bit counter intuitive doesn’t it, for an archer, who requires stillness and focus to succeed, to spend time training their cardiovascular system. But there are a number of reasons why Archers need to develop a good level of Cardio Fitness.

1.Archers need Stamina: 144 arrows, four or so shooting hours, 2-4 day competitions, and 2-5k of walking a competition day means that an archer needs to have good stamina. Cardio training is the key to developing the stamina required for the rigors of competition archery. It also means that your hear rate can return to it’s low level quickly after every end of walking to and from the target.


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