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This season I should have known better – but so far it’s been a repeat of last year, a lot of talk before the season, then cancellation after cancellation DURING the season. Next year, I WILL scout the WMA’s for places to hunt turkey BEFORE the season starts rather than relying on other folks. Live and learn.

Bounty Hunter Game Calls

The Bounty Hunter posse struck today! Matt and his son Dalton hunted near Daytona Beach, Florida today with Bounty Hunter posse member, Kerry Elliott.

Dalton was behind the gun for this afternoon’s hunt. Birds were in the field when the posse arrived at the field around 6 or a little after. The best approach was determined and was set into action.

Matt used an old tailfan to raise and act like a strutting turkey….angling and shaking that tailfan. Kerry got the gobbler’s attention by making a few calls. That made the gobbler look up and see the tailfan. He saw the tailfan and thought there was another turkey invading in on his territory.

That turkey started easing toward the posse…..then the last 100 yards was at a dead run…stopping 3 yards from Matt….9 yards from Dalton.

Dalton let him have it and made that ol gobbler listen for trains!! He…

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I was at Gable Sporting Goods earlier when somebody brought their turkey in to be measured for the West Georgia Longbeard Challenge.   If I understand this correctly, get a turkey, bring it in to be measured and weighed, NO ENTRY FEE, and show up for the end of season banquet, and you can win a Bowtech Experience, shotgun, or other door prizes.

The prize for the largest bird will be this shotgun.

Regardless of the size of the bird, if you have a bird entered, and you’re at the banquet, you can win a Bowtech Experience.

Here are two photos of Matt W. who brought a bird in to be measured while I was at the shop today.
The Thunder Chickens are gobbling, go get ’em folks!

As I said a few days ago, I ordered new Hips Archery Targets after being selected to be on their pro-staff this year.  They arrived this afternoon, and I have to say they are fantastic!  The targets are MUCH lighter that I expected them to be, there won’t be any problems putting these where I want, when I want, other than my backyard range isn’t level, so my arrows tend to knock the targets left or right a bit, making it look like I’m shooting from three different angles.  I’ll probably put together a few sandbags to make a mini ‘bunker’ to hold them in place and all will be well.  (My back yard slopes off sharply at the woodline, giving me 30 yards from my back door, exactly.)

Hips_arrivedHips_Big_Game_shotSadly, after five arrows (four into the Hips target above, one into my River Bottom Buck) I had an equipment malfunction that actually requires some work at the shop before I can shoot that setup again, hopefully tomorrow. The arrows you see there were shot from 20 yards, one after the other, and though I’m not displeased with my accuracy, since it was my arrow rest that failed, I have to wonder if I might not have done a little better if it wasn’t falling apart to begin with.  The arrows pulled out easily, much easier than any 3D target I’ve shot, and easier than most bag targets.

March 27, 2013 By Andrew Beckett

Wisconsin Radio Network
Those interested in hunting elk in Wisconsin will have to wait at least another year. Officials with the Department of Natural Resources says Wisconsin’s elk population is growing, but big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang says it’s not yet big enough for state officials to authorize a hunting season for the animals.
Wallenfang says the DNR’s population models indicate there are not the 200 animals required by law to establish hunt, but the agency is watching the herd growth carefully and will reevaluate the population next year. While Wallenfang says they do not have exact numbers, officials believe the herd will be at about 175 animals after calving this spring.

Read more HERE.

Found via Western Outdoors twitter feed.

Saturday March 30th

When: Saturday 03,30,2013
Time: Sign up any time between 8am-3pm

(As long as you have payed and going to the frist target by 3:00 you can shoot.)

Where: Sweetwater Archery Club
7201 Cedar Mountain Road
Douglasville, Ga. 30135
(Across from the Douglasville Animal Shelter and the Douglasville Landfill)

At the moment that’s all I see this weekend, which isn’t surprising since A: it’s turkey season, and B: it’s Easter weekend.

I found an eight pound Boston Butt at Kroger the other day and couldn’t resist, I had to make a pot full o’ pulled pork.  After reading half a dozen recipes, I just figured I’d wing it, as usual, and it really came out great.


One of the deciding factors in making this dish is the roaster – we found a Sunbeam 16 quart roaster on clearance at Super Target last week for $25.  I like these much better than the average slow cooker because of the specific temperature settings rather than ‘low, medium, high.’  Some slow cookers have temperature settings, true, but the one we have with that feature isn’t large enough to make a dish this size.

The recipe itself couldn’t be easier, rinse the roast off and pat dry with paper towels, drizzle the apple cider vinegar over the roast first, then a bit of the Liquid Smoke, then add garlic powder, salt and black pepper to taste.  I put approximately one cup of water in the bottom of the roasting pan.  The last step is to add the desired amount of Stubb’s Pork Marinade over the top of the roast, in my case I used a quarter of a bottle, because that’s all I had left.

This roast took up a good half of the pan, however I did decide to use foil to reduce the open space in the pan, forcing the humidity a bit higher and blocking the two vents in the lid.

I set the heat to 275′ and left for a few appointments, when I returned four hours later, a few quick pokes with a pair of forks turned the pork roast into the pulled pork pictured below.  The bone literally fell out as soon as I touched it.  Add some Bush’s Country Baked Beans on the side, and my wife dug right in!


One of the errands I ran this morning was picking up the wife’s birthday presents, a set of pearl earrings from Helzberg Diamonds along with a new ring in her birthstone, Aquamarine. I’d say the wife had a good day 😉

bday_pearls bday_ring

The last few months have been busy, between work, working out, trying to squeeze some practice time in with the bow, writing, a funeral, etc. etc. but I do have a few things to share at this point.

After speaking to the company president for a bit, my application to be pro-staff for Hips Archery Targets has been accepted, I’m now eagerly waiting for the first two targets to arrive so I can start shooting at them.  I ordered the X2-Big Game and the X2-Muley targets (below) and I look forward to writing reviews as well as dragging both targets to our archery shoots to get other people’s opinions of the targets’ performance.

hips_muley_jumbo hips_big_game_jumbo

Badlands Superday pack

Badlands Superday pack

I have been in contact with Badlands Packs regarding their pro-staff program as well, however their program is much different than a traditional application-and-acceptance program.   I will be ordering several items from their catalog and writing about performance in the field very soon.

I have VERY high hopes for the Badlands product line: my last pack was… not so durable, since it lasted half of the 2011 season, half of the 2012 season, and now it has two zippers broken and looks as though I invented a time machine to go back and survive World War II and Vietnam with the pack. (I may write a review of it later, it depends on how the company I purchased it from responds to my THIRD EMAIL complaining about the shoddy product. So far, emails #1 and 2 have had ZERO RESPONSE, which leads me to believe that the company subscribes to the Comcast Cable school of customer service.)

The Badlands Packs I saw at the ATA Show were VERY impressive – I’ve also heard from several people who own the packs and are very satisfied.  Finding gear that is worth the price, durable, usable, and clearly built by folks who have an idea of what the gear will have to endure has been difficult.

bexperience500I am still considering a new Bowtech Experience – I want one (no surprise there, name a bow on the market today, and my eyes light up, I want one of EVERYTHING, and would happily write review after review of the various bows and/or equipment, even if I have to send it back when I’m done.  Which leads to images of my wife trying to pry some piece of equipment out of my hands as I lay on the floor screaming “NOOO! MINE!”  I may be in my 40’s, that doesn’t mean I’ve grown up.  And you can’t make me, either…) but I’m fairly certain my budget won’t allow for a new bow this year.  It isn’t just the bow, as anyone who shoots archery can tell you, it’s the bow, a new sight, a new rest, etc. etc. etc…  I really like the Experience, particularly after our 2012 Cohutta bowhunting trip, where Danny and I carried our bows all day Saturday just scouting.  By the time noon rolled around, we were seriously considering longbows, since ‘stick and string’ bows are MUCH lighter than machined aluminum…

So, to summarize this winding post, I’m now officially a member of Hips Archery Target’s pro-staff, I’ll be writing reviews of Hips targets, Badlands packs, and anything else I can get my mitts on, and I want companies to send me everything they make so I can review it, and possibly send it back, if my wife can pry the gear out of my hands…. 🙂


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Love the top photograph – I have to get off my butt and start using my tripod and timer feature on the (old) camera I have to get shots like this…

Life and Longbows

Michigan has been extremely frustrating weather wise the past few years. I swear its the new Seattle, minus the redwoods. Winters are wet and sporadic. You never know what you’re going to get. It could blizzard one day and downpour the next. I never thought I’d see anything but white while rabbit hunting in January, but February hit with a vengeance just as I was getting acclimated to the warm, spring weather. Now, here we are in March and the snow is practically gone after getting a blizzard a week ago.

There are three pieces of public land near my home in West Michigan; one within minutes of my driveway. I frequent this land often though “Haunt” would actually be a better word. The smallest of the three is probably only 50 acres and I have laid claim to it. I realize it isn’t mine, but it feels like it…

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Earlier in the year, I wrote about My Fitness Pal and Juicing along with a quick product review of the Sketchers GoRun shoes I picked up.   On the treadmill, half an hour ago, I had an interesting series of thoughts on weight loss and psychology: the first was a well known concept, that it takes something like thirty days to make something a habit, the second was that the easiest way for me to think of my eating and weight loss was to consider it a job.

The thought works like this:  Whatever you eat in a given day is work building up on your ‘desk,’  exercising in a manner that allows you to accurately count the calories expended is cleaning off your desk, with positive results being the paycheck.

There are a couple of things I had to get over – the first is weighing myself every day.  Most people don’t get paid every day (for a regular job) they get paid once per week or every other week, or in some cases, once per month.   Weighing myself every day was frustrating in the extreme, because unless violently ill, seeing several POUNDS drop off overnight should be alarming, and the second is that I make certain I use the same scale every time, and that I’ve taken my wallet, watch, keys and phone out of my pockets so that I am just weighing myself and my clothing.  I weigh myself in the mornings at work, when I haven’t eaten anything yet, and if I’ve had anything to drink, it has been minor.  I’m now to the point where I really consider once every five days a good ‘measure’ to weigh myself, which is where the thought about it being a paycheck comes into play.

And it works, quite well. Since January 14th, I’ve lost 35 pounds.

If you spend several hours per day on the couch, GET UP, even walking around the neighborhood is better than just letting work pile up on your desk…


(The name of the club is a link back to the Georgia Outdoor News forum post this information is drawn from. – Niko)

Saturday, March 23rd

Gainsville Archery Club –   March 23rd

That’s right! It’s already time for some 900 Rounds! We’re getting a earlier start this year. Come out and help us raise some money to assist the PettyJohn family during this difficult time. See you on the 23rd!


Full Draw Archery  – March 23rd

Come out and shoot with us this coming Saturday! For directions or more info contact David Hasty at 706-463-2950!


High Lonesome 3D  – March 23rd

Come shoot a twenty target course and novelty shoots. Casual start from 09:00am to 02:00pm. Located at 5425 Hobbs Road Gibson, GA. Hope to see you there. Registration is $15.00 for 18+, $10.00 for 12-17 and $5.00 for 11 and under. Classes will be open, hunter, traditional, senior and known 45 for men. Open and hunter for women. Youth shoot what you bring and Cub. Plaques awarded for top three and 50% payback on known.


Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah – March 23rd

The Ogeechee Bowmen of Savannah are holding a 20 target 3-D shoot this Saturday March 23rd at the Archery range in Scott Stell Park. Casual registration 10:00am-2:00pm so come out early have some Fun and food. Classes for all ages and/or equipment, we are here to help everyone have fun and to learn a little more about the sport of Archery.. Hope to see you there!!


Sunday, March 24th

Gainsville Archery Club also has a 3D shoot – March 24th


River Bottom Outdoors – March 24

Well, it’s that time again !!! Time to come out to River Bottom Outdoors and join in on the fun. Good times and some foam killing. March 24 and the sign in times have changed since the time has,,, sign in at 8am and no later than 3pm. Hope to see everyone come on out and get some more practice in for the next ASA shoot.


Bad to the Bone – March 24th


Fort Gordon Sportsmen’s Club – March 24th

Sunday, March 24

20 Targets

Last shooters out at 2 pm, must be finished by 5 pm.