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Even though I’ve been shooting archery, and bowhunting (off and on) since 1976, I’ve never gone after small game with a bow. These days, the main gear I use is, in my opinion, too expensive ($15 arrows) compared to a (five cent) .22 LR, though I have a recurve I would consider small game hunting with if I pick up some decently priced arrows for it.

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I stumbled across a few videos today that were surprisingly helpful and informative on methods of processing and field stripping small game. This is important to bowhunters especially because when deer season is over its important to stay sharp, and hunting small game is a great way to keep the sport alive through those months where your bow would otherwise be hung up in the garage.

This is a link to a very informative video on processing a rabbit Small Game Processing, the group that made this video have a lot of other great videos that I highly suggest watching if you are like me and are new to bowhunting.


Well I hope this post can help streamline fellow bowhunters field stripping methods, and keep the lifestyle alive year round!!


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