Posted: 02/23/2013 in Hunting

I shoot 3D – keep in touch with my hunting buddies, check trails, check and fill feeders, happily fantasize about getting “The Monster Buck,” etc. etc. 🙂

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By Dustin Jones

There is that moment that comes around every year that every hunter dreads, the last day of the season. You dread the fact that you no longer are able to get out and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. When the sun finally sets on that day you come home, kick off your boots, and think about the long wait that you are going to have until the next season. You ponder about the close encounters, missed opportunities, and start planning on how you can change to seal the deal next season. That is if you had a season like mine. If you were successful you think about the things you did right and why the worked. But even if you were successful there is always room for improvement.

During the off season there are several things that I do to keep honing my skills. One…

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