Posted: 02/17/2013 in Hunting

I have heard MANY horror stories about folks who hunt abroad then can’t get their firearms home, their trophies home, or suddenly have charges pressed against them because what they hunted somewhere else is illegal to hunt where they live. For example: the California Fish & Game manager was fired for hunting mountain lions out of state, despite it being LEGAL to hunt the lions elsewhere.

Hunt Forever

wildlife%20inspector%20tape011113Your leopard hunt was truly “the hunt of a lifetime.”  Everything went flawlessly.  Your travel to and from Africa proceeded without a hitch.  Your Professional Hunter could not have done a better job.  The accommodations were beautiful and comfortable.  You took an amazing leopard on the 11th day of your 14-day hunt.  You hired a broker to make sure that your trophy would meet all export and import requirements.  It was perfect…and then it wasn’t.

Months after the hunt, your broker calls.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has seized your leopard trophy.  It seems that something is wrong with your CITES Export Permit and tags.  Your broker says the problem has to do with “quotas” and “Block 11a.”  None of this makes any sense.

How can this happen?  The answer is truly complicated.  It involves treaties, resolutions, quotas, several different countries and a tremendous amount of paperwork.  It…

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