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Most stores have scent-free, UV-brightener free detergent marketed as ‘for delicate skin,’ or some other allergen free product. I’ve used baking soda, and still do, but I wash in the additive free soap and dry using Earth scented hunter’s drying sheets.

Hunting with Jo

Camo clothing is expensive and I don’t see the price going down anytime soon. Hopefully I can provide you with some tips to keep that clothing usable a bit longer.

  • When washing, turn everything inside out.
  • Wash in cold only.
  • Unless your clothes are really dirty, I use the gentle cycle on all my camo.
  • The only product I use to wash my clothes in is baking soda.  I am not saying there aren’t good products that might offer a scent free wash, I just don’t use them.  I usually line the bottom of the washer with baking soda, fill up the washer 1/2 way with clothes, layer with baking soda, load more clothes and top off with baking soda.  Just be sure to break up any lumps before you put the lid down.
  • I have been told that hanging the clothes up to dry also cuts down on the…

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