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September 29, 2011 – By Chad Love

Here’s one from the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” files…

Everyone knows that punking your hunting buddy’s trail cam with fake creature photos is a real time-consuming pain, what with all the getting in and out of fake Bigfoot suits, leprechaun knickers and alien bodies and such. So don’t. If you’ve got even marginal Photoshop skills then don’t bother taking the creature to the camera, instead just take the camera to the creature…

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Brilliant! But seriously, would you be angry if someone were to do this to one of your trail cameras, or would you get a laugh out of it?


(NOTE: This is the complete article – normally I do NOT do that – the author and publishing site deserve full credit and traffic for this article.  Click on any of the images above, or the top Field & Stream hyperlink, to visit the blog.  That being said, I may have some SERIOUS fun with this.  I’m thinking ‘what can I find to photoshop into a trail camera image’ and the answer is… everything and anything… for example, see below.)


Yes, I know, the top needed cropped, hey, I spent forty or fifty seconds working on this one…


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