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These are some of the reasons I’ve been pushing so hard to get back into shape – the average shooter probably doesn’t wake up and do 2 hours on the treadmill, weights, calisthenics, stretching etc. I don’t want to be ‘average’ anything. 🙂

This is from Todd Starnes page on Radio.Foxnews.Com

(NOTE – this happened in Louisiana, not Georgia. – Niko)

By Todd Starnes

Hunters across Louisiana are outraged after state health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.


The Dept. of Health and Hospitals ordered the staff at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission to throw 1,600 pounds of donated venison in garbage bins – and then ordered then to douse the meat with Clorox – so other animals would not eat the meat.

“Deer meat is not permitted to be served in a shelter, restaurant or any other public eating establishment in Louisiana,” said a Health Dept. official in an email to Fox News. “While we applaud the good intentions of the hunters who donated this meat, we must protect the people who eat at the Rescue Mission, and we cannot allow a potentially serious health threat to endanger the public.”

That statement set off a firestorm among hunters and lawmakers who called it outrageous and insulting.

“That’s a mild understatement,” said Richard Campbell, one of the founders of Hunters for the Hungry, a group that has been donating wild game to shelters since 1993. “Hunters are going nuts over it. It’s created an outrage across our state and even over into Mississippi.”

The controversy started when someone being fed at the rescue mission complained about being fed deer meat.

Henry Martin, executive director of the mission, told Fox News they’ve been serving deer meat for years – from deer chili to deer spaghetti.

“This was really good meat,” he said. “It’s high in protein and low in cholesterol. It’s very healthy.”

Martin said he was extremely bothered by the way state health inspectors handled the situation.

“You would think we would have due process,” he said. “But they meant to destroy the meat – that’s for sure.”

The mission’s chef asked if they could at least return the meat to the processing plant – but the state officials said no.

“They actually took it out to the dumpsters, split the packages open and poured Clorox on it,” Martin told Fox News.

He said the rescue mission serves 200,000 meals a year – without a single dime of assistance from the state or federal governments. As a result of the confiscation, he said as many as 3,200 meals were lost.

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Sweetwater has an ASA State Qualifier this Saturday, March 2nd:

Well are you ready for the State Championship in July?
Didn’t think so. So come out Saturday and start getting ready, We are having the first qualifier of the year. So come on and get the monkey off your back early.

Entry fees are $25 for the qualifier and $10 for fun.

When: Saturday 03/02/2013
Time: Sign up any time between 8 am-2 pm

(As long as you have payed and going to the first target by 2:00 you can shoot.)

Where: Sweetwater Archery Club
7201 Cedar Mountain Road
Douglasville, Ga. 30135
(Across from the Douglasville Animal Shelter and the Douglasville Landfill)


RBO has their regularly scheduled shoot Sunday, March 3rd

Riverbottom Outdoors

15475 Ga. Hwy 34
Franklin, Ga. 30217

2013 Dates: Jan. 27, Mar. 3, Mar. 24, Apr. 20 & 21 Big 40, May 19, Jun. 23, July 28, Aug. 18 Hunting Shoot
Shooting Times: 9am to 2pm…Daylight Saving Time 8am to 3pm

Open Money – $20 50% Payback – Max. 50yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Seniors Money – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max.
Known 45 – $20 50% Payback – Max 45yrds – 290FPS Max
Open Trophy – $15 Trophy – Max. 45yrds. – 290 FPS Max.
Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, Magnification allowed, 12” Stabilizer, Any Release – Max. 40yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Women’s Hunter – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 260FPS Max.
Bow Novice – $15 Trophy – Fixed Pins, No Magnification, 12” Stabilizer
Any Release – Max. 30yrds. – 280 FPS Max.
Youth – $15 Trophy – Ages 13 to 14 – Max. 30yrds. – 240 FPS Max.
Sr. Eagle – $10 Trophy – Ages 11 to 12 – Parental Supervision – Max. 25yrds. – 230 FPS Max.
Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 9 to 10 – Parental Supervision – Max. 20yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
Jr. Eagle – Free Medallion – Ages 0 to 8 – Parental Supervision – Max. 15yrds. – 220 FPS Max.
1-5 Shooters 1st Place, 6-10 Shooters 1st and 2nd Place, 11-500 Shooters 1st,2nd, and 3rd Places….Scoring is 5,8,10,12

Directions: Go 3 miles out of Franklin on Hwy 34 East, Driveway across from Heard County Elem. School. More Info Call: 678-378-0816

Concession Stand with, Coffee, Drinks, Hotdogs, Candy, etc.

Come meet new friends and have a great time shooting and enjoying the great outdoors.


Rock Branch has a shoot this weekend – I didn’t see any other info in the ‘current’ thread at the GON Forums other than ‘we have a shoot this weekend.’   (Note to self – build a master file with all of the clubs information in them so it’s easier to copy/paste when folks just toss out ‘we’re shooting!!’)


Bucks to Beards has a shoot this weekend as well, however that’s up in Tennessee – if you live that far north and want more information, visit their website at

At the beginning of this year, I weighed 340 pounds, partly as a result of getting injured in 2007, partly because I hadn’t done anything about it yet.

So I decided it was time to get off the couch, out of the chair, and do something about it.  I blogged about MyFitnessPal and Juicing earlier in the year, and since then I’ve lost 25 pounds.

I don’t juice much – basically, when I’d get done juicing stuff, I’d look in the ‘waste’ bin and think, ‘hmm, I like that stuff too,’  plus there was a lot of fiber being tossed by the wayside, so I’ve simply been exercising and eating just a bit smarter.

One of the tools I’ve found that worked very well for me was getting a better pair of shoes to use on the treadmill.   I had a physical therapist tell me once that the active life of a pair of exercise shoes is, at the maximum, six months.  The shoes I had been using on the treadmill were about three years old.  After 2-3 miles, my feet and shins hurt terribly.

I found a ‘buy one pair, get the second pair half price’ special on tennis shoes, and picked up a pair of New Balance for my every-day wear tennis shoes, and a pair of Sketcher’s GoRun shoes for the treadmill, sort of as an experiment.  I’d seen several articles over the years about ‘natural running,’ and recently about shoes that were closer to natural running, and these fit the bill nicely.

They’re fantastic.  I’ve done 3-6 miles, 4-6 days per week, since I picked these shoes up.  I will probably wear them out in another month or two, and won’t complain a bit, since at that point the shoes would have been worn for nearly 180 miles of walking.

So, I highly recommend these shoes: take a look at them if you’re in the market for running or walking shoes.

This is from, and it was delicious.

Image from – click to visit the original page

This recipe is simple – season your salmon with garlic powder and lemon pepper, then marinate the salmon in a four part, easy to make in almost any kitchen marinade:

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup water

Mix those ingredients until the sugar dissolves (which happens really quickly due to the soy sauce), then place the salmon in the marinade for 2+ hours. I marinated two salmon filets for about five hours.

Cook on medium-high on a pre-heated grill for approximately 6 minutes per side. The flavor is mildly sweet, not overpowering at all.

I served baked potatoes with chive-sour cream and shredded cheddar, starting with a light salad with garlic-ginger wontons.

Here is a link to the video for this recipe.

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Even though I’ve been shooting archery, and bowhunting (off and on) since 1976, I’ve never gone after small game with a bow. These days, the main gear I use is, in my opinion, too expensive ($15 arrows) compared to a (five cent) .22 LR, though I have a recurve I would consider small game hunting with if I pick up some decently priced arrows for it.

Bowhunting Forum

I stumbled across a few videos today that were surprisingly helpful and informative on methods of processing and field stripping small game. This is important to bowhunters especially because when deer season is over its important to stay sharp, and hunting small game is a great way to keep the sport alive through those months where your bow would otherwise be hung up in the garage.

This is a link to a very informative video on processing a rabbit Small Game Processing, the group that made this video have a lot of other great videos that I highly suggest watching if you are like me and are new to bowhunting.


Well I hope this post can help streamline fellow bowhunters field stripping methods, and keep the lifestyle alive year round!!


Steven Undheim

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I’ve made a lot of jerky, though not lately – teriyaki, soy, hot, smoked, you name it. It’s a lot of fun, but unless you make a whole lot of it, you eat it in a short time 😉

Morrigan's Lodge


10 pounds deer meat
2 cups chopped onions
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup red wine vinegar
1 cup catsup
4 quarts cold water
2 tsp. Mesquite smoke flavor
3 tsp. curing salt
2 tsp. garlic powder
9 Tbsp. salt
2 Tbsp. chili powder
3 Tbsp. black pepper
3 Tbsp. cayenne pepper
2 Tbsp. ground yellow mustard seed


Grind the meat. Mix all other ingredients and then stir them into the ground venison. Using a jerky shooter, form strips of meat on the shelves of a food dehydrator. (Dehydrating time depends on type and size of dehydrator, see instructions that came with your model). Store dried jerky in freezer until ready to consume.

Check out the Ohio Dept of Natural Resources for more wild game recipes.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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If you enjoy Elite Predator TV, click the image below to ‘like’ them on FaceBook.


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I shoot 3D – keep in touch with my hunting buddies, check trails, check and fill feeders, happily fantasize about getting “The Monster Buck,” etc. etc. 🙂

PSE Archery Blog

By Dustin Jones

There is that moment that comes around every year that every hunter dreads, the last day of the season. You dread the fact that you no longer are able to get out and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. When the sun finally sets on that day you come home, kick off your boots, and think about the long wait that you are going to have until the next season. You ponder about the close encounters, missed opportunities, and start planning on how you can change to seal the deal next season. That is if you had a season like mine. If you were successful you think about the things you did right and why the worked. But even if you were successful there is always room for improvement.

During the off season there are several things that I do to keep honing my skills. One…

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