Crab Boil

Posted: 01/30/2013 in Cooking, Fishing
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I’m off all week – and as has been proven many times, I get bored.  Since I love to cook, letting me anywhere near a grocery store when I’m bored is a recipe for…. I can’t really say ‘disaster,’ because I’ve just about given up on making bread at this point, but how about a recipe for surprise? (I’ve made bread many, many times, what I can’t seem to do is use the same recipe twice and get the same results. I measure the ingredients by weight, follow all of the recommendations, I have a LARGE collection of baking cookbooks… I just seem to have a talent for NOT getting the bread I want.  The brown sugar walnut bread was amazingly tasty, just very, very dense.  The artisan wheat bread was very tasty as well, you just needed an industrial laser to get through the crust. etc. etc.)

Yesterday, walking into Kroger on Thornton Road just outside Atlanta, I saw some Georgia coastal shrimp on sale.  My wife loves those shrimp, and off I went.  Snow crab legs, red potatoes, corn on the cob, all went in the cart.  I had intended to make a small (4 oz. or so) steak to go with this, because I didn’t want to add smoked sausage this time, but what I really made was a simple crab pot.

I used:seafoodBoil

1 pound raw jumbo shrimp

5 medium red potatoes, cleaned, skin on

2 crab leg clusters

1 ear of corn, cut into thirds

Louisiana Crawfish Shrimp & Crab Boil


Cookery doesn’t get much easier than this: in a large pot, bring about four inches (or twice the height of the potatoes) of water to a rolling boil. Add some of the seafood seasoning, potatoes, and corn.   (Since this was a small batch, I only used about 1/4 of the bag of seasoning.  I also had two tablespoons of a ‘Low Country Boil’ seasoning from Jekyll Island left over that I tossed in the mix) Boil for eight minutes, then add the shrimp, wait four more minutes, then add the crab.  Boil for 4-8 more minutes (I tend to go for longer time when there is ANY question on the freshness of the seafood) then turn the heat of an leave the cover on the pot.  This is where the seasoning comes into play – the longer you leave the food in the pot, the more of the hot seasonings the seafood will absorb.

Drain, place in a large dish, and serve with butter on the side.  Or course, for a low-country boil, add smoked sausage (kielbasa).



I made one mistake – when I grabbed the shrimp, I didn’t notice that they weren’t deveined.   I would prefer to cook this recipe with the shrimp still in the shell, it really adds to the flavor, but having to devein the shrimp I shelled these. It makes the shrimp faster to eat anyway. 🙂


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