Posted: 01/29/2013 in Hunting

I’ve been thinking of building my own smoke house – but I have to check with the local authorities, since I really don’t want the fire department at the house because some urbanite with the common sense of a nuthatch calling 911 as soon as they see smoke.

Survive Today, Prepare for Tomorrow


Preserving food is extremely important in survival situations. The time frame between kills of large animals can sometimes be upwards of 30 to 40 days. You may have other issues at hand to deal with and do not have the opportunity to hunt, such as very bad weather. Whatever the case maybe having food on hand for extended periods is perfect for survival. Not only can you keep all of the meat from your kill, which is very important, but also gives you time to work on your base camp or whatever task you need to.

 Smoking meat is a very popular method of cooking. The flavor that smoking can give the meat is mouth watering. The wood you choose to smoke meat enhances flavor of the meat. Common woods chosen for smoking are White Oak, Apple, Hickory, Dog Wood, Ash, and most popular Mesquite. Choosing an appropriate…

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