Posted: 01/28/2013 in Hunting

Here in Georgia, with the exceptions of Golf and Fishing, there seems to be two types of adults – The first type spend a little time outside as possible unless it’s exactly 76-78′ with 30-40% humidity. The second type are almost the opposite, spending as much time outside as possible, with the exception of the ‘perfect’ weather, which doesn’t happen when to coincide with any season or pre-season known to me at this point. I think we mow the lawn twice on those days though.


We give thanks to another great year of outdoor activities, and we look forward to whatever the next year brings.  Overall, it’s been a great year for outdoor enthusiasts, whether hunters, hikers, anglers, campers, climbers, and bikers.  All have had generally good weather in which to enjoy their sport in its season.

As you begin to look towards the new year, why not take a moment to think about some things that you could do in 2012 that you didn’t in 2013 (or maybe not enough of it as it is!).  To help you along, I’ve listed a few things that might make your sporting year even more enjoyable and lasting.

  1. Increase your number of days afield next year by a multiple of two.  One year not long ago, I counted that number of days I was “able” to get in the field or on the water and it was…

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