Product Review: Bear Creek Minestrone

Posted: 01/23/2013 in Camping, Cooking, Gable Sporting Goods, Gear, Hunting, Hunting Camp
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I’ve had a package of Bear Creek Minestrone in my cupboard for about a year.  I don’t remember if I picked it up because it was on sale, I wanted something different in the cupboard, or if an evil spider monkey threw it in my cart and I didn’t notice.

It doesn’t matter.

Until Sunday, I hadn’t even LOOKED at the instructions on the package, I’d just shuffled it around digging for Progresso or Campbell’s soup cans over the year.   Sunday, I made some Johnsonville bratwurst patties with caramelized onions and cheese, and wanted a soup to serve with the sandwiches, something different.

Then I read the instructions. “Bring 8 cups of water to a rolling boil, whisk in soup, reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. Serve.”

Ah! Dummy-proof!

Bear_Creek_minestroneNo surprise, it actually took about 25 minutes for the carrots to properly rehydrate.  The soup was very tasty, and if I’d had some beef or fresh tomato to add in, I’d have given it some zing, but I didn’t, and I was curious enough to just leave it exactly as it came from the package.

Now, of course this isn’t proper ‘cooking’ for the house, and normally I’d rather make food from scratch, but now I have another fantastic CAMPING and HUNTING product to toss in the tote for trips.  It doesn’t GET much easier than this for 1/2 gallon of soup, enough to feed up four people.  You can carry cans, but they get HEAVY, particularly if you’re going to backpack in or carry the tote over and over again.  This, you still need to have the water, but I carry CASES of water in my truck usually.

I had half of a fresh-baked garlic loaf left over from the day before (steak and chipotle-chili-lime shrimp that night) so I reheated it in the oven, sliced it into decent sized chunks and put butter on it to serve with the soup.

Watch where you buy it from though – I can’t remember the price at Kroger’s, but Wal-Mart advertises this soup at $3.18, which is the cheapest I’ve found it.

This is a great product to have in your pack or camping gear. Depending on how you’re boiling the water, half an hour from start to finish for very tasty soup.


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