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When I get back to Atlanta I’ll sum up the seminars I attended at the ATA Show –

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By Dustin Jones

When I purchased my first compound bow, I purchased the ready-to-shoot option which included a release aid. I thought to myself that I would probably need to upgrade at some point thinking that the release that came with the bow must not be a very reliable one if they were just giving it away in an archery package. I am still using that same T.R.U. Ball Cyclone release that I got 5 years ago to this day. I have always told myself that when this one starts acting up or fails on me then I’ll upgrade, but it has yet to do so.

There are many different styles of release aids to choose from and my biggest suggestion is if you can, try some different ones out and pick the one that best fits your needs. There is the wrist/caliper release, handheld or finger release, back…

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