(If my wife reads this, I’m likely to get a new head-whack, as in ‘upside my head.’)

I need a new pack. The one I bought JUST LAST YEAR (and it wasn’t a cheap one) is falling apart after less than 20 days of hunting with it.  The main zipper is shot, the material of the pack is starting to fray, the top-carry handle is falling apart, and two of the zipper ties have already fallen off.

This does not make me happy.

I’ve sort of narrowed my choices down to four options:

The Assault pack is OK, but even empty, it’s somewhat overly heavy. Add a full Camelbak and some gear, and suddenly it feels like I’m carrying a shipment of bowling balls.  Tenzing packs look AMAZING, and I hope to talk to both Tenzing and Game Plan Gear at the ATA Show next week, but both Tenzing and Game Plan Gear are somewhat expensive on my current budget.  The Alice pack is a time-tested workhorse, but not really ‘quiet’ in the woods.

As a last resort, I have a $15.00 Red Head pack in the garage that I’ve used to tote bungee cords and some camo netting that I use for a quick and dirty ground blind and to carry my tree stand safety harness, but if I swap to that, I have to find something ELSE to carry those two items in, and both are bulky.

The Assault backpack will be fine for turkey season and most of the year, until deer season turns around and I’m spending 10-12 hours in the woods again, mostly in a stand, then I’ll have to make a decision.



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