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This applies to supplies for your hunting camp, or even a GOOD first-aid kit to keep in your vehicle as well. I take a lot of flak from my friends because I carry QUICK-CLOT in my first aid kit, but then again, I’ve seen what a broadhead does to a human hand (not mine), and I’d rather take the flak and have something I never use, than need it and not have it. (Make sure you check dates on medication, quick-clot, etc. It’s somewhat hard to find on some packages, so take a Sharpee and write in BIG figures on the front of the package “EXP [DATE]” to take the guess-work out.)


My new favorite store is Dollar Tree.  We have one only a few minutes from our house, and I have begun to frequent it often.  They are one of the dollar stores where everything is actually a dollar or less.  The cool thing is they get in different products all the time.  With dollar stores, many of the items are made in China, that is just the way it is.  But there are a surprising amount of items that are made in the U.S. or Canada, and if you look you can find them.  I try to buy those items when I can, and the Chinese made items when I must.  Here is a list of things that I find worthwhile to purchase at my dollar store.

  • Office supplies – If you don’t need a $10 pen, you can get all the pens and pencils you need, and paper, staplers…

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