Posted: 12/22/2012 in Hunting

Rucksack Foodie

Being raised in a house full of hunters, dating a few riflemen and cowboys – I’ve eaten my fair share of woodland bounty. Never being a big fan of game meat, I did enjoy cooking it for those who did. Since being in Ireland my palate has been convinced otherwise!

Thanks to artisan butcher Peter Whelan of The Whole Hogg I have had the great fortune of meeting some wonderful Irish characters,  one of which called Wacky who is THE  local hunter/gatherer and the “goto” man for cleaning game. Thanks to these two and their generous offerings from the hunt, i’ve had the delight of preparing many a delicious dish of

game for friends (and myself) during my past month in Ireland. The secret to the taste is freshness I believe. Hanging for two or three days in cool space, the meat is then cleaned and ready for the table…

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