Posted: 12/20/2012 in Hunting

I ALWAYS tell people to buy from a pro-shop, simply because unless you have enough equipment to properly set up, tune, paper tune, swap strings, etc. you don’t have enough gear to properly work on your bow. The level of knowledge at a pro shop is usually far above what an average shooter has, if for no other reason than the shop works on this equipment EVERY DAY, they know what has issues and what doesn’t, they know what equipment takes a beating and keeps working, etc.

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By Will Jenkins


The internet has changed the retail market and the hunting and archery industry is no exception. There are many deals to be had on the internet and while that may seem appealing please consider a few things before you click buy it now or send that paypal payment.

If you buy online you’re going to need your bow tuned. Even if the bow comes in your draw weight and length you still need to tune it and make sure it’s good to go. If you work on your own bow that’s a little different but it never hurts to have a pro shop take look at it. The key here is tuning isn’t free. So consider the cost of tuning at your local shop in addition to the deal you’re getting. If you aren’t sure what the tuning might cost check with your local pro shop. Conversely…

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