Looking over the materials for the ATA Tradeshow, I decided I’d make a list of the seminars I’d like to attend.

This is the list, by day.


  • Whitetail Food Plots for Small Acreage
  • Understanding Bow Fit and Balance Plus Shooting Form
  • Capitalize on Game Processing


  • Protect and Commercialize Your Invention
  • How Retailers Create New Sales by Working With Schools
  • Understanding Back Tension and Target Panic


  • Expert Tips for Release-Aid Execution
  • Indoor Range Makeover
  • Archery Time

As usual, instead of starting at the beginning and reading through, I jumped into the content of the 4 page “Seminar” PDF and started making a list. The only thing I was missing was the TIMES.  Finally, I noticed a graphic in the corner.

“All Seminars are from 7:15am – 8:15am”

Guess I’ll be picking one from each day instead of all of the above. Grassa frassa, nogood varmints!

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