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My ‘crown’ used to be the narrow, folded-brim hats that were sold to hunters in the late 1970’s, until I hit a growth spurt around 17 years old and it didn’t fit anymore. Something along the lines of this hat but in an older camo pattern.


Life and Longbows

The Archer’s Crown
By Nick Viau

The archer’s crown on heads appear;
Be them brown, black, green, or gray.

To remind us of an age bygone;
The Fedora, the Kromer, the beret.

Afield we step, our bows in tow;
Bands stretched with brims atilt.

To concede to string with courtesy;
As arrow crosses hilt.

No sun, nor rain, nor snow invade;
Though its creases swell with age.

The weathered brow beneath is calm;
His focus still unchanged.

Stickbow shooters share a deep appreciation for the traditional brimmed hat. The older the better, as it would seem. Why do you think this is? How has headgear once donned by previous generations of American sportsmen suddenly rekindled in popularity amongst traditional archers?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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