Just after Halloween, the wife and I were grocery shopping when we saw a 50″ spider decoration on clearance for $5.00.

Well, now, we couldn’t pass that up could we?

So we bought it, and my original intention was to take it to camp, set it up next to the door somehow so that as the crew came in, they’d glance to their left and *SPIDER!* would be waiting.  Except I couldn’t really find a good way to set it up, so I just put it where we could all see it, and they got a kick out of it anyway.  We even discussed using it for future pranks.

The future was last weekend. Mu hu ha ha ha!

I had to work two twelve hour shifts last weekend, so I couldn’t go to camp, but Jason and Rob set it up so that Jason was driving his own truck, while Frank drove down with Rob.   During the drive, Rob found out what ground blind Frank intended to hunt, and managed during a pit stop to convey this to Jason, who had driven ahead as fast as he could.


So the Spider was on the cart and ready to go, a few texts later, I found out the plan outlined above, and sat back waiting for texts from the field to see how this all played out.

I was not disappointed.  Jason sent a message that he had placed the spider in the top of one of our ground blinds, the small, two-average-sized-person-if-they’re-friends sized spring-steel type.  He had attached the small elastic loop to the top of the blind where the two tent poles cross, and the spider was dangling in an acceptably creepy manner, as illustrated below.

Spider_in_blindJason managed to make it back to camp on the golf cart before Rob and Frank arrived, sealing the deal.

At work, I continued to do my job, certain I’d get a text at some point with the results.  The wait was almost unbearable, I have an interesting, but not exciting, job, so any small amount of flavoring in a given day is good.

Then I got an actual phone call from Jason.

J “Frank messed it up but we still got him!”

M “What do you mean he messed it up?”

J “He decided he wanted to move the blind, so he just walked up and yanked the tent pegs out, then rolled it on its side so he could grab the edges easier and walk it over to where he wanted it. That’s when the spider got him!  I’ll send you the video!”

Video?  Oh, this was going to be good!

And it is good, sadly, taken on a cell phone, compressed, sent to another cell phone, compressed then uploaded to YouTube, it’s hard to see what’s going on, and using YouTube’s editing features (or Window’s) can only do so much.  I left it ‘sideways,’ because rotating it looked REALLY bad, but here it is!

I sent a text to Frank saying “You’re welcome!”

He sent back “Y’all are seriously messed up! Good one!”

That’s why I like my hunting crew, we can prank and expect to be pranked without hard feelings, and the expectation of payback is almost as good as waiting for the results of your own pranks.


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