Posted: 12/10/2012 in Hunting

I’ve been hitting the treadmill 1-3 times per week (depending on my work schedule) and pushing myself more hoping to get in shape for a hunt like this one day.


For 2012 I drew a fairly good elk tag in Wyoming. I had not personally hunted the area before, but had spent time in it before and knew there were lots of elk there. By the time September came around I was pretty excited to say the least. My hunt consisted of a few two-three day trips spread out over the whole month.

On the hike in, day before the season opened, I saw some small bulls in a clearing, which got my heart pumping.





After hiking a ways I set up camp and headed up a ridge to do a little glassing to see what was around.


I let out a couple bugles to try and locate some bulls, all I did was call in a couple cows.



Back at camp having a nice meal, chicken noodle soup!


A couple cow calls that I used on this hunt. I prefer open reed calls…

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