Posted: 12/06/2012 in Hunting

I know how that feels – last weekend at Allatoona was full of heart-in-my throat moments when I thought ‘if I slip here, I’ll have broken enough bones that they’ll have to send a helicopter to get me…’

Dispatches from the Potomac


My deer season began about a week ago when, while hunting on my property I slipped, fell and slid on my ass down an embankment of jagged shale. The slide, which took place as I was stealthily working my way down to a well traveled deer path behind my house, took long enough for me to go through every curse word in my extensive list and part way through the list a second time. When gravity was done with me, I sat on the ground amid crumbles of shale trickling down the embankment around me, and had two immediate concerns: My rifle, and my ass. The rifle, a Winchester Model 70 I purchased after last season and had brought into the woods for the very first time, was slung over my shoulder behind me when I fell. Miraculously, it was not scratched (although the scope was scuffed pretty badly). My…

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