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I didn’t really appreciate how good the hunting was in Ohio until I moved to Georgia – don’t get me wrong, I love hunting in Georgia, but every WMA has it’s own regulations, vs. Ohio and Pennsylvania, which had public hunting properties that used the same regulations and dates as the rest of the state, in addition to the various special hunts.

Team Surra Outdoors

Every season for the past decade we at TSO make the trek to southeastern Ohio to hunt public lands with our good friend Ottie Synder  in pursuit of buckeye state bruisers. Southeast Ohio is a great alternative for beleaguered and frustrated Pennsylvania hunters looking jumpstart their hunting season. Ohio has many similarities to Pennsylvania in that it has massive amounts of public land, an avid resident hunting population, and a variety of terrain to choose from ranging from big woods to urban hunting but it is Ohio’s differences that draw the TSO team out of Pennsylvania during the peak of the rut to chase trophy Buckeye Bruisers.

Ohio does not have a rifle season. I am not advocating for Pennsylvania to do away with its rifle season but Ohio’s lack of a rifle season has its advantages. As you can see on page 5 of the Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations 2012 – 2013 Ohio has a long…

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