Posted: 12/04/2012 in Hunting

I would really give a lot to go on that kind of hunt. As long as ‘a lot’ doesn’t include money, haven’t got much of that. 😉

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By Pedro Ampuero

This summer I went hunting with my dad to the Artic Red River in NWT, Canada.
We hunted hard for ten days, in which all we need was on our packs. It is an amazing feeling to spend more than a week with just your guide, a pack and your bow. You pack every morning the camp, and keep moving forward in search of rams. You don’t leave anything behind, no reason of looking back, just keep moving forward to discover new land. That feeling of freedom is probably what I liked most.

At the same time, the place is overwhelming. It is a rough landscape, with little more than rocks and grass, but so pure and wild, that makes it really beautifull and special.

We covered a lot of ground, both with our legs and also with the binos in search of the right ram…

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