Ok – I’ve seen more than one article about how bad the hogs are in middle and south Georgia, and how farmers want the destructive critters off of their land.  Same thing with coyotes.

Except, I can’t find anyone who has a farm that wants hunters to take the hogs out. I’ve spoken to a few farmers, either directly, over email, or through a mutual friend, and in most cases, they have somebody who live traps the hogs already.

So, if you read this and know somebody with a feral hog problem that wants hunters to take the hogs out, contact me on the 323 Archery Shoot FaceBook page and I’ll work on getting a few of us down there to take care of the problem.  There isn’t any fee, we aren’t ‘for hire,’ we don’t live trap, and we’re willing to share the pork.  We can do that one of two ways, splitting the hogs up before we leave, or the farmer chips in for processing, so “I’ll take $X amount when it’s processed!” and we’ll get the hogs processed and bring the meat back when it’s done.

We can use archery or firearms – private property in Georgia is ’24/7/365′ for hogs.




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