Reward: Stolen REPLICAS

Posted: 11/27/2012 in Archery, Hunting, Legal, News, Trophy, Whitetail Deer
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My father has a litany of news for me when I talk to him these days.  Favorite topics include folks who are better at hunting than I am, live in a better hunting area than I do, hunt harder than I do (one of his favorites is a 12 year old Amish girl, he hunts with her family), and finally folks who have passed away that he knows, but I don’t.

The other day my father was rambling on about some kids looking for shed antlers, and then the topic seemed to change to a theft of somebody’s whitetail deer mounts, but the mounts were replicas, not the actual deer.  I was confused, but OK, I got the gist of that conversation.

Today in the mail I got a letter and a WANTED poster from my father – the wanted poster is below, I’ll put some bits from the letter below that.


The letter STARTS with: “PS It’s snowing right now hunting Phil’s on Monday 30-06.


Niko & Lisa Pooches Cats & Balance of zoo    24 nov 2012 8:30am

Here is the flyer of the 2 mounted heads of deer that were stolen from my friend Dan Kuhns’ office at his deer farm (Woodside Whitetails) near Middlefield, Oh.  2 young guys stopped and asked about shed antlers and a few days later these heads were missing.  

These Kuhns have raised deer for close to 30 years.

This is the family I like to hunt with. 

They have 226 acres in Tuscawaras county, Oh.

They wait for big ones, I’ve been witness to this.

Dan raised these bucks and the heads that were stolen had replica antlers. 


The only thing I changed was correcting a few minor spelling errors.

I realize that I’m 4 states away, and that I have a VERY low view count on most posts, but these are ONE of a kind REPLICA antlers, of massive non-typical bucks.  Hopefully somebody somewhere spots these for sale on eBay or whatnot and gets the reward.




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