Before heading to camp last week, Big Deer Hunters contacted me on FaceBook and asked me if I’d had a chance to try their product out.  I said ‘No, I haven’t, do you have a storefront, you’re only 10-15 minutes from my house according to your website,’ and that’s how I ended up meeting Charles at Wild West Traders to pick up their Big Daddy and Come and Get It scent products.

These are not SMALL sticks either – and I mean that as a compliment.  Each one is 2.5 ounces of scent product, in a waxy, deodorant-style stick.  You twist the bottom of the stick to extrude more of the product, then you can use it as a drag, hang it from a tree, apply some to several trees, use it on a scent pad, or retract it, screw the cap back on tightly, and seal it in a freezer bag to use next year.  I have to say, I think this is the first product I’ve found that, having used it last weekend, I didn’t get any on my clothes, my boots, my hands, pack, etc.  None.  For somebody as generally clumsy as I am, that’s a serious accomplishment right there.

The product is waterproof, too, though I didn’t get a chance to really test this aspect of it.

Several things to LOVE about this product that folks may not think of when first looking at it.

  • The price point is $15 per stick – compare the size to another popular product, Code Blue, and you’ll see that you would have to spend $22 to get 2.5 oz. of product.
  • This CANNOT SPILL, no need for rubber gloves, wipes, etc, or worrying about it getting on your hunting gloves and having a sudden date with a big buck in the dark on the way out of the woods. (Just yell “No means NO!” Let me know if that works.)
  • It stays where you put it, and doesn’t drip down the tree and evaporate.
  • As the day warms up, the product releases more scent.
  • There is a pre-drilled hole in the bottom of each stick’s container to put a string through for use as a drag and/or hang it from a limb.
  • And, as my wife puts it, ‘that’s some powerful stink!’ (She calls all the scent products I have ‘stink.’  Well, they do, can’t argue with that 😉 )

View from ‘The Mange’

I arrived at camp on Saturday later than I wanted (as usual, I can’t seem to ever just drive there, and we did need food, so I stopped on the way down) and immediately sent a text to my friend, Rob, to see where he was hunting, that way I wouldn’t mess him up when I went in the woods. Once I had that information, I went to one of my favorite stands, one we call “The Mange,” because some years ago, Jason shot a coyote out of this stand that had mange so bad it was completely bald.  Last year, I got a nice 8 point from this stand, so I have a special warm feeling about it.  I did NOT use the stick as a drag on the way in though, partly because I use a golf cart to get 3/4 of the way there, partly because from the path to the stand is a straight walk BEHIND the stand, and of course I want the critters IN FRONT Of the stand.

In the Mange photo, you can see two small trees almost dead center of the photograph – I put the Come and Get It scent on those two trees, and the darker trees to the left, further out.  Once the scent was applied, I climbed into the stand and started to get settled.

Just in time to see a buck travel from my right to left, towards the scent I applied.  The wind was from my back-left to front-right, which would have blown the scent directly to his waiting, eager nose, and though some argument could be made for his just investigating the sound of something moving in his territory, he certainly had his nose up on the way in.

(No, I didn’t get him. That’s another story.)

I really, really like these sticks – good size, good staying power, no mess, no spill, and even if you drop the cap for some reason, you can retract the stick back into the body of the scent and not worry about it. Lose the cap on a bottle of liquid scent, and you might as well just pour it out right then and there.

Here are some closeups of the product:

Like I said, this isn’t some tiny, 1 oz. bottle.

The handy drag or hang pre-drilled hole

This is what the scent stick looks like when extruded

Visit Big Deer Hunter’s web site – they have a fantastic Trophy photo gallery and video testimony from quite a few hunters

I’ll be playing around with the scent bowhunting in Cobb County this coming week, I’ll keep you updated if there’s anything to report.


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