So – back at camp for a long weekend, Saturday through Tuesday this time, with a few of my friends.  Sunday morning, bright and early, I’m back in the ground blind I was using the last time I was at camp. It’s a nice, crisp morning, very quiet for a while, until I hear the distinct “Tsh tsh tsh… tsh tsh tsh…” of a squirrel rooting through the leaves.

Getting closer, in other words.

I look out of my blind, and what do I see?


He just would NOT leave me alone. At one point, I thought to myself “He’s actually going to crawl under the wall of the blind to see what’s in here.

I squirted some water from my sports bottle at him, and he ran up the SAME TREE as last week, leaving me thinking ‘uh oh, here comes the acorn bombing run,’ but his aim was terrible, he missed for half an hour, then berated me from directly above the blind for a while, until it was finally time to go back to camp.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

The NEXT DAY, my friend Jason and his son were in the same blind, and he starts texting me:

Jason: “Man this squirrel is testing his luck – twice he has just about popped his head right under the blind.”

Me: “McSquizzy!”

Jason: “I should have brought my 9mm.”

About ten minutes go by and I hear a “BOOOOM!” in that direction. Jason uses a .300 WSM, and I thought ‘Did he…?’

Me: “Did you just shoot McSquizzy?”

Jason: “Yes – just kidding, that was off behind us somewhere….”

So – be warned, the ground blind near McSquizzy’s place, he will come after you.




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