When you look at the photographs from inside the blind, keep in mind that there were, oh, eight or ten squirrels around me at all times. I sat with my left shoulder almost touching the left window of the blind, because the most likely approaches were from my right and in front of me, thus sitting that way allowed me to see both areas at once, however the squirrels decided to investigate this lump in the leaves and kept getting closer and closer until I finally spit tobacco juice at one about 3′ away from me, just outside the blind.

He didn’t like that. In fact, he declared war.

After shooting up the nearest tree and chattering at me for a few moments, I forgot about him. Ten minutes later, the Blitzkrieg started as he began AIMING at the roof of my blind with acorns.

I guess he was part of McSquizzy’s Clan.

Photograph #41, the oak woods from ground level, shows the gap in the trees where I shot at a huge 8 point with my Winchester Model 70 .243, using 100 grain Federal PowerShok loads. We trailed him for nearly four hours, but lost him in a huge, marshy bottom so thick that I’m taking machetes back this week in an attempt to at least recover the rack. I’m also using the 30-06 this weekend, I’ll put up with the pain of recoil on a shoulder with a torn rotator cuff rather than lose another buck.


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