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I grow my own rosemary and thyme – adding a fresh, 4-5″ rosemary sprig over the meat, or using some of the older, less productive lower branches as a wood-smoke addition is good for flavor as well.


Bacon wrapped venison

You can cook amazing steaks at home…in the oven!

No. 8

Flash cooking 101 – Do not over cook lean cuts of wild game

Many of the recipes I started cooking wild game with were like hand me down clothes from an older sibling, a little worn out from over cooking. Many of the recipes I found were for the crock pot. While I like using the crock pot, many cuts of wild game dry out and is way over cooked.

After many trials and errors, I found the best way to cook wild game is, “just until it’s done,” or even under cooking it. I call it flash cooking, because it’s done in a flash, which in turn, also helps me eat more vegetable that are not cooked to a mush and have more nutritional value left in them. This is the kind of cooking my mom and dad…

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